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Napoleon Hill

26 Feb

“Anything that the mind can conceive and believe it can acheive”  Napoleon Hill.

I love this quote. It explains so much with very short and to the point words. Not only is this quote helpfull, but when we really focus on what we love to do and start to do it, it makes us feel good and more in tuned to doing more of what we love to do….I’ll dance and dance the night away.


Is it hard?

25 Feb

Every now and then someone who is interested in taking one of my dance classes comes up to me and asks ” I want to take your class, but I want to know is it hard?”

Ummm, I know we all have concerns and insecurities regarding our skills. I think it doesn’t matter what your career choice is, we all question our abilities at some point, including myself…but I believe we all should challenge ourselves. How would you know how good you are or how good you could get if you don’t challenge yourself.

So my answer to that question is “All the classes I teach is designed for you to push yourself, it’s designed for you to have fun, learn and get better, whether your a beginner or a pro.”

The routine taught last week may have been really challenging physically, the week before that it may have been challenging emotionally, this week it may be easy, but because it’s easy the challenge will be to not make it look so complicated.

Don’t shy away from hard…nothing is really hard if you haven’t tried, and the more you keep at it the easier it becomes, the more you learn and the better you get.  Each class you will have something that you master and something that your like woah, I have to work a little harder which is never a bad thing.

It’s also good to try new things, and take new classes…you may excel at one style..but hey try Salsa, dancehall reggae, break dancing, or a Hip-Hop class taught by another teacher. The fact that you are good at one thing is fantastic, now it’s time to grow so that your more rounded, so that you could pull from other styles and are able to learn from another perspective and method.

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One of these days I’m going to tell you about my first dance class experience…thats a true laugh……lol…for real……:)

Music Throw Back

25 Feb

So for the past few days I’ve been walking around in a little blah, literally feeling like a clouds over my head, you know everyone has those days.  So I thouht to myself, let me pull out the music collection, if anyone knows me, I love music and I collect CD’S. Good music…I look forward to getting really good albums, reading whats inside and listening to what the artist has to say…can’t tell you the last time I bought an album …ummmm that should tell you something about music…in “this day”…

Today before I left my house, I thought let me listen to some music while I get ready. That was it right there. Thats what I needed. Out came Jay Z , Nas, Tupac, Notorious BIG, SWV, TLC, JOE, JODECI, NOREAGA & CAPONE….and the list goes on. I was having my own jam session in my room. It felt so good to hear good music, not just good music but authentic music, that made sense…feel me. I love all music Rock n Roll, Jazz and the list goes on but something about Hip-Hop and R&B took over today.

Then I started to think about the days when “Da Mix” was on Much Music…:) That was the only chance I got to watch urban music videos. I remember rushing home on more than one occasion to set my VCR to tape the newest video’s so that I could copy the dance moves. When Beenie Man had his single “OLD DOG” and the girls in the video were doing the new dance which was the body basics…I was on that….That was the dance..:) Staying after school with all the kids who loved to dance, we made up dance routines…didn’t know what choreography was called “making up a dance” Matter of fact we use to battle each other, not in the way to fight but to dance, guys against girls,… it didn’t matter….if you could throw down then throw down.

When “Word Up” Magazine had all the posters of your favorite singers and Rappers. Let me tell you I had TLC, Tupac, Jodeci all over my wall, BIGGY said it best “It was all a dream I use to read Word UP Magazine…”  FUGEES ” Killing me softly” ……Nas Ft. Lauren Hill ” If I ruled the world, imagine that……” and you could finish that line…. I’m thinking about it because in a time like this when so many people are concentrating on the recession we need to get back to some basics. To what feels good, to whats meaning full.

Not only was I having a jam session I was freestyling in my room…believe it, the moves came so naturally…I wasn’t thinking about boom ca ca….I was vibing….

I love it, I love music, the music that you feel in your bones, it gets deep in your veins kind of music, makes your body squirm kind of music, makes you want to flick on your lighter kind of music….I could go way back to some Drifters, The Supremes, and Bob Marley…But that will make me pass out from feeling good over load. Just writing this gives me inspiration….it’s like what happened to music, what happened to dancing what happened to quality…so I leave saying once there is GOOD music that makes me feel good from the inside out I will always be dancing, or should I say “making up a dance”

Kay-Ann Ward

“Love and Movement”  Is a great show comming up, all about the love we feel and how we feel, told through dance…I’ll be choreographing along side Kevin Ormsby…Don’t Miss it. here is the facebook link join and send to your networks to join.


OMG do you remember WU TANG,….. BLACKSTREET,…..FOXY BROWN….112…awwww man. the old school 112…..For real.

Hello world!

15 Feb

Hello all, so as you know I’m always a little behind when it comes to technology and all that fun new wave stuff like blogging.

Well I’m finally here. I’m now blogging and I invite you to stop by and read whats taking place, attend class, register for a workshop, leave a comment etc.  I’ll keep you posted on thoughts, share tips with you, invite you to classes,  and let you know about performances.