The last day in February

1 Mar


Ummm, so today is the last day in february, I’m happy the month ended with me teaching the Pure Styles Dance Classes.  The feedback from the students is always a good motivator, and to be able to do what I enjoy is Greeeeaaaaaat.  Each class offers something different, each student is different, and each time I teach is different. So thanks to all who came out this month, lets make March even better, with more creative vison, and new songs, I’m excited….

I think back on the month all together, collecting my thoughts of what I like and what I didn’t like. And I have to say february was reflective for me. I spent time inside, letting my thoughts wonder, letting new vision enter my path, and allowing those visions and thoughts tell me what my next step should be. I was awakend by some of my favorite old school music from Rock n Roll to Hip-Hop.  For many reasons, one being, I choreographed at the 2009 Kuumba festival at Harbourfront Centre, which asked for me to tell the story of Urban dance, how it started and where it is today. That led me on a true journey, where I was introduced and re-introduced to music and dance from all over the world.

I could look at February as a slow month, but I strongly feel that it was a month of inner work so that I could continue on the path of creation, and creating.

March is only a few minutes away, I welcome it, and I’m excited.

Putting a side the days, months and year, I truly want to be here and enjoy now, I find that when I let go and be in the moment the best happens, I’m more creative, I’m at peace, and I’m happier.

So I wish you the best now, if your a day and month thinker, I wish you the best today and your future days.

Keep dancing, keep living like no ones watching.



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