Winter Blues

3 Mar

kayannwardcom-total-pictures-218Niagra Falls, from a skys view

As we all know almost everyone feels the same way about the winter. No one wants to leave there homes, it’s way too cold, too much snow, not enough sun light, and the list goes on an on. At the same time you have the Winter and snow lovers out there, who prefer the winter over the hot and sticky summer.

I’m a summer person, I enjoy all seasons but theres something special about the summer.

I truly have felt the same way about winter every now and then, however I try more than ever to not let the winter Blues get the best of me. I dance alot, that keeps me going, and the fact is, when I’m not dancing , doing something active, or being creative, I’m not really happy, I’m a true crump face.

And no one likes or wants to be around a crump face. So it’s absolutely beneficial for my well being to take care of myself, even when I feel like theres no point it’s winter I’ll stay inside and be a crump face.

Not to say it’s easy to do what feels best, but I can’t let the winter blues get the best of me, life is too great for that. Plus no one wants to be around a crump face.

These are some of the  things I do, and try to do to keep myself going.

Dance, Work Out, Read, Write, I go to the book store with no intentions to buy a book, but more to be in that environment of creativity,I watch comedies, watch dance videos, spend time by myself listening to my thoughts, or spend time with good people. Also it doesn’t hurt to let someone know your not in the best of moods maybe they have a suggestion, or try something I’ve never done before.



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