Daylight Savings Time Mishap

9 Mar


I know I’m not the first one to say this, and I’m not the only one saying this….But I have to admit, I had no idea the time was moving one hour a head on Sunday. OMG……That caught me off guard. I had a rehearsal to attend at 11am in the morning. I had set my alarm clock for 9am, it went off as planned but then I set it again for 10am. It went off again as planned, I closed my eyes for 3 minutes, the next time I woke up it was 11:08am. I thought to myself, how did I let myself sleep in. I got out of bed frantic as ever, rushed to get myself together, in absolute disbelief that I slept in.

I couldn’t believe it…..I’m not one to sleep in….plus I’m late for rehearsal something…. I don’t like…..I don’t enjoy being late… could you imagine the thoughts going through my mind.

On my way driving to rehearsal I looked at the time,  and it said 10: 20am. “Ok….whats going on?” I asked myself. I know I wasn’t born yesterday, and I know I only closed my eyes for 3mins. And I know I’m not one to sleep in, did I really sleep in or did I just fall off the planet earth and came back to realize I wasn’t aware of this time change.

By the time I got to rehearsal I was told that yes the time did change…..:)

That caught me completely off guard….it’s funny when I think about it…..My gosh…..I could scream……

Either way, I’m happy, I know this means spring is around the corner….I could feel it…..This little mishap is ok…just as longh as it means spring is on its way….summer…., sandals…., beach….., dresses…., ice cream….hot weather….Lovely….now those thoughts puts a smile on my face…:)

Did I mention BBQ….and dancing…..:) Umm yes, I can’t wait::)


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