Stay Focus

13 Mar


Sometimes when things get over whelming or when there is so much to pay attention to it’s pretty easy to get frustrated and confused with the magnitude of everything.

I find what helps me is to get my prioritities straight, so that I could minimzie what is taking up my mind space. If I have to ask for help to take away some of the load I will do that. If I have to stop and re-group myself I will do that.  Or simply acknowledge that I don’t know, gets me focused. When I’m training hard to accomplish something dance related, sometimes I get off track with all the little details and unforseen situations. I’ve learned from experience that I have to focus my attention and my energy on what I want to accomplish to recieve the results I want, or less I’ll be all over the place.

That is why when I teach, I ask all the students in class to let go of all thoughts not pretaining to bettering themselves, I ask them to let go of any negative energy that came in with them because of a bad day. If the plan is to get better as a dancer, or simply learn new dance moves, it is best that your mind is clear and you open yourself up to learn, which requires you to be focused.  Start preparing your mind before you get in class, this way your able to learn and get the best out of your class time, when something is of challenge, remember your focus is to get better, leave feeling good, and leave feeling that you have pushed yourself.

Heres a few tips that have helped me and continue to help me.

I stay away from negativie conversations that may bring my mood down before and after class.

Know what you want to achieve in class, it could be something different each day, week, month or year etc.  It could be picking up choreography faster, it could be dancing cleaner, and focusing on your technique, it could be performing the routine better at the end of class. etc.  oip-intensive-1



Always keeping a vision or picture in my mind of where I would like to be.

When I can’t get something right away, my first method was to beat myself up about it, which wasn’t working so, what Ido now is simple, I push harder, I relax and work the situation out in my mind, If I don’t get it in class, then I try to get it on my own time. Class is a great place to learn, however when I leave the learning curve doesn’t stop there.

I’ve learned a great way to stay focus is to give myself downtime. It could be a week, day or a few hours of just relaxing, doing nothing related to what I want to accomplish. Some people go on vacations, workout, and take walks etc. For me doing nothing is the key, I need to refresh myself completely so that when I do need to come back and focus I’m not burned out and of no use to myself. Of course this I learned, it wasn’t always like this.


These are just a few things that I do, that helps me, we are all different, it doesn’t hurt to find out what works for you.

Keep dancing.


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