Creative Escapade

17 Mar

Umm it is now 1:06 am.

My mind is going and going, I call this the creative escapade, this is when my note book and pen is right beside me, this is when I’m so energized, I know it’s night time and I should go to sleep. And you know what I won’t and can’t sleep, ….the best idea’s come at this time…..I’m going to listen and tap into this creative energy…Lets see what comes from todays creative escapade…lol…Thats what I call it………… different visions and ideas come to me…ideas on story telling through movement,  music arrangements, on clothing, on life all comes to me…I’m excited,….It’s a blessing. ….. -)

Heres a few creative pictures, the idea for these shots came from the “Creative Escapade”






Here is the link to view more pictures.  And yes like dance, I love photography, it’s another oppurtunity to capture a story, capture life and creativity. Special thank you to Kareem Ajani who took these pictures.


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