Just a thought after taking a Dance Workshop

18 Mar

I got home not too long ago from taking a dance workshop, after the workshop I went to a lounge with a few other dancers. The lounge was nice, the music ranged from house, funk to old school Hip-Hop.  I love that enviroment where people just let loose and dance, dance freely…I love it. Freestyle is the essence of movement, so much comes from it.

I enjoyed the workshops, anytime I’m dancing, I feel good, especially when I’m learning and being the student. I enjoy learning  new ways to do things and new ways of moving….:) The workshops were taught by Chase and Marvelous who are currently on tour with Britney Spears, great guys. I wish them the best.

I’ve learned and I’ve been told that one should always be a student of life, you could and should never stop learning, if you think you know everything then life is not enjoyable, because you think you have all the knowledge, but when you open yourself up to learn, you recieve so much more knowledge. Your constantly growing and getting better….:)

I have to say from the first class I ever took up to this day, that I’ve grown, I’ve grown as a dancer, teacher, performer and person, but I can’t and will not rest with what is right now, there is so much more to learn and soak up….:)

Never stop learning…..:) Invest in yourself….:)


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