Booo, Didn’t Register as Yet….

19 Mar

Ok, this is a first for me two blogs in one night.

So to update you with whats happening with my fitness journey..

I’m not too please with myself. I did not register for the Fitness Instructor certication course as yet…..

Good thing is I found a fitness compettion comming up in July, I’m still thinking if I should enter this particular competition, I’m not sure as yet, as I’m still researching and learning more. I’ll definetly keep you posted.

I’ll be jogging tomorrow morning, I’m extremely excited about that, I love to run, plus I haven’t jogged outside for the longest time,  I’ve been using the treadmill at the gym, so this should be a nice break from the gym and change.

So Here I go, I have to put my foot down. By Tuesday March 24th, 2009, I will be registered and my course material will be ordered. I’m not pushing the date back any further. I’m still excited, plus I’m not comming back to write that this was not accomplished it will be.


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