West Side Story/ Michael Jackson

24 Mar

One of my Favorite movies of the life I’ve lived so far is “West Side Story” The first time I watched this movie I was a kid, I was captivated by how they all moved. The other time I ever remembered feeling that way, was when I watched Michael Jacksons mini video movie, and I seen smooth criminal.

OMG. Wow is all I have to say.

West Side Story was great for me, because as a kid, I didn’t know what dancing looked like, I couldn’t afford to take classes. I knew what dancing felt like and within me and with my vision I knew what I wanted to look like. West side story was like oh, Ok, I could do that, this feels good. The way they all moved together, the way the story was told through movement, truly amazing.

Watching Michael Jackson was like I could do this I know I could do this…And I could…., the way Michael is able to transform himself into his feelings is absolutely great, not many performers are able to do that. He becomes this being, his emotions takes over while he his in his element. The way he moves, without a twitch, is like no other, he crabs himself a million times and he his not ashamed of it.

One of my favorite scenes from West Side Story was the Jets vs, Sharks.

Here it is enjoy.

Here is Michael Jackson, “The way you make me feel” One of my favorites. I could honestly say watching Michael Jackson perform, brings goosebumps on my skin, he is amazing.  “Toya I know you like this one.”:::)


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