25 Mar

I like to think that I’m a patient person, however I know this goes up and down and around and around at times.

There are days when my patience for things, people and life are truly tested, and after everything is said and done, I ask myself was I patient or did I rush, or try to push the situation ahead so that things go the way I want them to. The answer to that is both. Sometimes I’m able to let life take the time it needs to answer the questions I’m not sure of, sometimes, I let life deal with situations and or people I know I cannot deal with.

And there are times when I’m like OK, this is taking too long, hurry up, hurry up.

I’ve been learning that not only is it important to be patient, its also important to enjoy the between stages of waiting and receiving. There’s so much to learn and experience while being patient and calm. Of course this changes or gets complicated when the situation is life or death or of extreme importance. But in someways it applies because once your patient and calm you are able to think clearly, so that you are able to do what you need to do effectively.

For the past few days I’ve truly had to practice patience, and I know that patience is something I will probably never master but continue to practice so that I may get better at it. I’ve had to relax and trust that the goals I’ve set for myself will get accomplished, not to rush for certain things because of my excitement or because of deadlines. I’ve had to practice patience with those I’m working with, the new people I come across everyday, I’ve had to practice patience with what is now called the Recession.  I’m pretty sure I’m not perfect, and I know others practice patience with me.

Whatever your doing in life, if you are waiting on the bus, waiting on a call back for an audition, waiting for your dancers or choreographers to get to rehearsal on time, learning something new, learning choreography, or waiting in line etc. Whatever it may be practice being patient, not to be a walk over, but to be able to deal with the situation clearly and effectively. 

I don’t like to yell, or raise my voice, I tell others exactly what the situation is and how it affected the current situation and what needs to be changed or continued to improve the situation, I do this by practicing patience and remaining calm, I could yell that’s easy, but to remain calm and patient takes allot of effort. Remind you this is something I had to learn and practice. I was the girl in High School that was pretty relaxed, but if you messed with my performance on stage or take too long to Que the music I would erupt like a volcano, I’m not lieing. I had to improve this behaviour, because I’m not a kid anymore, I’m an adult, with professional and personal responsibilities.

Patience, Practice it, the benefits are great.

Let me know what you think…what are your thoughts.


2 Responses to “Patience”

  1. MsToya March 26, 2009 at 11:48 pm #

    I exercised my patience this week!!! 🙂
    i already don’t talk loud as it is so when i have up to 50 students in each dance class ages 4 – 13 i really have to keep my kool and try not to yell at the lil rug rats!! haha

    • kayannward March 27, 2009 at 5:26 am #

      Girl, thats crazy and amazing at the same time. 50 students in each class, OMG…. Trust me patience in situations like that is a must. No need to explain the feeling I know what these kids are about…I love them but I know how they could be, sweet at times then the attitude comes out:::)

      Respect keep practicing, I try everyday, sometimes I’m good, some days the freshy in me comes out…lol….but I’m still practicing:::)

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