Fatima Robinson

27 Mar

Hey I thought I should share this. Fatima Robinson, she is an amazing choreographer. She has just launched her website, a great place for dancers, and the those with a creative mind. I haven’t explored the site as yet. I went on the site and briefly looked at the content.


Fatima Robinson is one of the many Choreographers I look at and admire. What I like about her is the fact that she carries herself with such grace, style and elegance. She is a women, a black women, and I say this not focus on race but to focus on an image that is not often seen in the media, however it is improving, I appreciate the work that she has put out, and she has been in this industry for quite a while.

Of course there are many other choreographers and dancers that inspire me. Right now there are a few ladies on my site that I had the chance to speak with. Here is the link. http://www.kayannward.com/writings.html

For now here is the link to Fatimas website http://whatdoyoudance.com/let me know what you think, I’ll go on the site within a few hours, first I need to rest.

Fatima With Fergie at the 2007 Much Music Video Awards


Tootles:::) Have a good night.


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