27 Mar

Freestyle to me is the essence of dance.

It is different from choreography as choreography is a story and putting movements together. I think everyone could freestyle. How good are you at freestyling is the question. How creative are you to wip out technique, tricks, and movementst that are unique and fluid is a different story and takes time and practice.

If you have a urge to dance, chances are you could freestyle, thats what dancing is, the last time I checked, dancing evolved, it started off as a social thing, different cultures have there own type of social dancing. When you hear music you move, thats freestyle, you are not thinking your just doing what your body wants to do naturally,  how comfortable you are, being who you are, and doing what you do all comes out in freestyle. Choreography is seperate from freestyle.

I love to freestyle it’s freedom. Instead of thinking I can’t freestyle, just dance, thats what it is, know what it feels like to just dance…dancing is not choreography…they are under the same house but have seperate rooms.

Someone could be a crazy dancer and awesome at freestyle, but have a hard time picking up choreography, that does not determine if they are a good dancer or not, all it means is that they have a hard time picking up choreography and retaining it. It just so happens that in the commercial dance industry choreography is vital. Someone could be crazy at picking up choreography, that does not constitute how could of a dancer they are, they are good at picking up choreography and executing the moves. What constitutes a good dancer. Well it’s all in what you are looking for, some people say it’s the training and some say it’s freestyle or the expression and emotion that comes from within and added to the moves.

The word Free means? Not imprisoned or enslaved; being at liberty. Taking form

The word Style means? The combination of distinctive features of literary or artistic expression, execution, or performance characterizing a particular person, group, school, or era. Taking from

Freestyle does not mean how good you are at it, it means how you move within yourself, your style, your creative being. When you look up the meaning of freestyle, you find a variety, they all come back to improvising, there are no rules, unless the judges or someone gives a rule. Don’t put a rule to how you freestyle, let your creative mind run free. Then start thinking, how coud I make myself execute the moves cleaner? how could I learn more moves to put into my freestyle? Then thats when its time to start taking classes, and or learning tricks from gymnastics, break dancing etc.

I love freestyle, thats what got me into wanting to be a better dancer, I still freestyle and will always freestyle.

No one likes to be judged and often the times most dancers are called to freestyle is at a competition or audition when there skills are laid out for the approval of others. Which as nothing to do with you freestyling but more to do with your skill level, how you look, your personality etc.Don’t let the opinion of others stop you from enjoying something great.

Just dance….Choreography is great, but just turn on the music and dance…

Heres a clip of me dancing it’s also on my website, this is a freestyle, I went into the studio, with the idea that I’m going to work on my freestyle and record it. It’s just me doing what I love to do.

Another video to watch is the sweet nothings choreography located in the  Dance classes tab. This choreography was done within an hour. I went in the studio with the dancers, I freestyled the moves and put them together. Here is the link.

Like always please leave a comment, your thoughts are more than welcomed.


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