What defines you as a person.

29 Mar

What defines you?

Is it who you know, the degrees you have, the shoes you wear,  or the money you have?

Is it whats on your resume,  the places you’ve been, and the people you know?

Do you smile with someone because you know of there status, or do you smile simply because it is a joy, a joy that has no financial cost?

Is it a waste of time to just be, without expectations and a planned persona, is that too bare, does that bare you down to your soul to just be?

We all have insecurities, does your insecurity drive you bring another down, to feed your thriving ego?

Do you choose who you respect…, really do you choose who you respect?

Do you need validation to your presence?

The things we’ve been blessed with and blessed to have accomplished are things and not who we are. I do not think there is a single definition of me, what I feel and believe is we need to treat each other the way we would like to be treated regardless of status, gender, roles, etc.

What I do, have been blessed to do and want to do, I know is only a small percentage to my full being, What I know I’m not, is an image depicted through pictures, video’s, clothes, performances, people I know. If my personality is to be judged it would be judged off of, how I treat you for you, not the you that is larger than life,  for who you know and where you’ve been, but you…., without the entourage of things and people.

Like always let me know what you think.


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