For me

30 Mar

We all have these days, and I could say today, I’m feeling the hit of the, whats going on blues? the what should I do blues?….Funny enough I know what to do and I know that everything will be OK, however I can’t lie and say, I don’t get frustrated and or impatient at times.

The answer that I have for myself is be patient:::-)

What am I being patient for, well first, I don’t want to get caught up with this feeling of being down and looe focus and not give thanks for what is taking place in my life and around me, second, when you plant the seed….it takes weeks before you see a little stub sticking out of the earth, then it takes months and or years before you start to see the results of the seed you planted. Finally you see the tree, and or the plant, you see branches leaves, the colours and all the beauty of what you planted…

Thats what I’ve told myself and today that is what I’m telling myself, Continue to water the seed you planted, continue to give it sunlight, even when it rains protect that seed and or that plant, by nurturing it. 

So at this time, I’m feeling like …..blahhhhhhh….But I know, I just have to go through this feeling to get to the other part of growth, nurture my mind with positive thoughts and people and continue to water the plant…:)

As much as I’m sharing this with you, it’s for me, it’s to tell myself that I know things are tough at times, but there is much to be thankful for and to continue practicing patience….

I’m still feeling a little Blahhhh, but I feel better, alot better…


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