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Beyonce concert on its way

30 Apr

I’m not going to lie, I’m a fan….a respected Fan of Beyonce. Not a crazy fan a respected fan.

Many have found crazy reasons to not like her…which is fine, that’s there business. However I don’t know her personally, to not like her.

I get a good vibe from what she puts out there, her style, her personality, and her music.  Plus shes a hard working women, You have to give that to her she deserves every bit of success.

So I was a little disappointed when I found out she may not be coming to Toronto……

Well not anymore after checking a few minutes ago, I found out she will be here July 20th, 2009 at the Molson Amphitheatre. I’m excited….I’ve just recently started to go to concerts and the experience is amazing when the artist puts on a great concert.

So all in all I can’t wait, Tickets are not on sale yet, but you will be the first to know when I get my ticket….:-)




New York Performance

29 Apr


New York was absolutely amazing, I love the energy, I love the fashion, I love the individuality that comes with it, it was amazing and once agian I want to thank Amy Taylor and Myrosia Palmer for comming with me and doing what we love to do.

The performance.

The performance went well, of course we were all a little nervous, but thats ok, nervous is good….we did what we went to do..the audience recieved it well…we were not performers that the audience was familiar with…so it was understandable when we didn’t get the same shouts as the other performers…The talent was absolutely amazing. Rhapsody the Company put on an amazing performance…and as for Rhapsody herself she did a great job putting the showcase togeteher and I thank her for having us and I also thank her for being a woman of strength in the industry.

Enough of my jabble wabble, heres some pics enjoy..

Before getting on the Double Decker Mega Bus.dsc012971

A view of the Big apple from the Bus.dsc01305

Myrosia Palmer, striking a pose before the performancedsc01354

Me, posing…:-)dsc01365

Amy Taylordsc01352

Me…at the hotel don’t ask why, I had my hat in my mouth…lol…it makes a great pic.dsc01346

The hands…I love it…all themed out::-)dsc01358

All dressed up….at the performance venuedsc013701

If it wasn’t for the fact that I think this guy is an amazing dancer and he treated us so well when we arrived in New York, I wouldn’t post this pic..its the only one I have with him…My lips are super red…and I think I look tired…this is not a favorite pic…but he’s amazing. He is a member of Rhapsody the company. Aka. Luda.dsc01373

I will post the Video later. I have the video however its the first three performances so I have to cut it.

Pay attention to your finances

29 Apr

I’ve never enjoyed math, didn’t like it and I still don’t enjoy it. But I know that I’m in an industry where numbers are so important. Plus money matters….and no I don’t favor dealing with numbers but I need to know whats coming in and whats going out…so learn now.

money much do I get paid, how much does my agent take…how much do I pay dancers how much do I deserve and want to get paid…How to budget monthly….Interest rates…understand them and how they affect you….you have to take the initiative to keep track of your finances and ask questions when you  don’t understand something. Sometimes dancers and choreographers don’t pay attention to these things..but its important…I’ve had to learn and still learning and like I said I’m not a fan of numbers…

And sometimes its not the most comfortable feeling to ask someone about money and payments and to take out your calculator to confirm that your getting the right amount etc…but you know what, be smart…be wise…and pay attention…double check…ask questions….

Sometimes people make mistakes…sometimes computers make mistakes…you never know…

At the same time be professional don’t assume when you don’t know…be aware of who you talk to about these matters…engaging in conversation that could be detrimental to yourself and a third party is not wise…if your not sure about financial matters…don’t jump to conclusions take it to the source….But be wise….

Many dancers have worked with people who sometimes do not pay them and thats not a good situation to be in or good feeling to have…however how you deal with it is just as important as keeping track of what your suppose to get paid.

I’ll touch on this subject later but jumping to conclusions and letting your mouth think for you could get you in hot water….

Toot Your Own Horn.

27 Apr

I’ve never been one to toot my own horn. When ever I did a job well done I wouldn’t acknowledge it, and to tell you the truth that’s not a good idea and its also not healthy. So I’ve been making it a point to praise myself when I do something good. And not just good, if I need acknowledgement I try my best to praise myself not to be an ego driven person but because its deserving.

So all in all I’m saying Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. There’s nothing wrong with it, and this is especially for the ladies, sometimes we are quick to say aww it’s OK…., its nothing…well its something Toot your own horn,… why not…..treat yourself to something nice because you deserve it, you worked hard for it…

When you praise yourself it makes you feel good, feeling good is healthy, when your healthy your able to do more things that makes you feel good, That’s a good cycle, a cycle that I would rather be on, instead of feeding myself negative thoughts etc.

You got the audition for the movie or the music video, praise yourself

You got recognized by someone else, praise yourself

You worked hard all month and you want to relax and pamper yourself for a day or two, then do it…

You get the idea.

Me writing this right now is amazing becasue you could tell I’ve grown,  I was always the one to never ever give myself praise.

Go, and Go with Good Intentions

24 Apr

Even though you don’t know whats in place for you, you just have to go, and go with good intentions, and the best in mind, if its not what you thought it would be you try again, and move on.

This comes from me being here in New York to perform…..I’ve never performed in New York before….but I know its a great opportunity to expand myself and grow as a professional dancer and choreographer…I’m here with my best intentions…and that’s all I could be equipped with….I’m here with all the hard work that the dancers and I put in to put together something different and creative….and I trust in all my being that I’m doing the right thing….

So Far….In New York

23 Apr

Hey Everyone…..hope your good, so here is whats taking place in New York so far.

The Dancers who are with me are Myrosia Palmer and Amy Taylor…Thanks ladies..

We left Toronto at 9:30pm as planned,  the bus we took was the Mega Bus, which was my first time, so it surprised me, when I realized it was a double Decker bus…lol…that got my nerves going I’m not use to that. Well of course we sat on the top level at the front so we had the best view on the bus….:-)

We arrived in New York at 7am as scheduled.  We took the subway to the hotel, to be told the hotel check in is at 3pm. Awwwwww….., I could scream…….., how did I miss that detail, I’m usually on point. Well we had to leave our stuff at the hotel and go to our 11am tech rehearsal. Lucky the hotel staff called me and said a room became available so we didn’t have to walk around New York until 3pm. We got to the hotel at 1pm. Slept, got our outfits together, and adjusted some spacing and transition for the dance routine and now we are off to eat, at times square….whooot. I really want to go to Broadway City Dance Centre and take a dance class, but I don’t know if that will happen.

I’ll keep you all posted…

I have to say these ladies are great, no complaints from them, we had to travel on the subway with bags, tired, were not able to check in when we thought we would….that’s great, I appreciate that, and will never forget that.

So I’ll be posting pictures later…

Thanks to all who have shown so much interest in my crazy and spontaneous adventures.

“You get what you put in”

22 Apr

Sometimes I find we question why why why, when we really know….

When I got bad marks in school, which I really did at a certain time. And it was because I skipped classes, I didn’t study..etc..Now I knew I could do it…but not everyone knew I could do it, so when opportunities came to me, I was over looked because no one knew what I was capable of.

So until I got my act togeher which I did, then things improved. But if I had continued doing what I was doing which was nothing, chances are I would have got nothing in return.

This applies to everything. Read the last blog I wrote to follow up on the Weeks Quote, Tip and positive inspiration.

“You get What you put in” Follow up to Weekly Quotes, Tips and Positive Inspiration

22 Apr

I could scream about this one I really could….Especially because I’m so passionate about putting in time into ones self to improve yourself and what you do.


With anything in life sports, the arts, business, anything, anything, anything you have to put in time and effort to get the results you need and sometimes you may not see results until months, or even years later. Half effort, you get half results…Full effort full results.


This is something that I learned to be true and even more so the older I get.

There are people out there who want to do great things and set out to do it but when they realize the hard work that comes with it, the endless hours and dedication that they have to put in, they start to realize its not a walk in the park.


Usually people sometimes see the end results of something, they don’t see the journey and the process. You see the successful rappers and singers, Beyonce, Jay Z, P-Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Baby Face, Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre and the list goes on…But you don’t see the late night studio rehearsals, the days of frustration because your creativity is blocked, you don’t see the months and even years of set backs, you don’t see the juggling act of life, career, and personal issues, you don’t see the constant meetings, you don’t see the one hundreds and one trails and tribulations, all you see is the final and end result which looks good to many.


I love to dance and I know you have to work hard to put together a dance routine to make sure it looks good, that everyone is together, and tweak what needs to be tweaked. Most people just see the final choreographed piece or the world tours, they don’t see the hours of rehearsal they don’t see the injuries dancers get from the physical demands they put on there bodies, they don’t see when your body gives up on you, feeling tired, and unhappy because all you do is rehearse, you miss out on time with friends and family, they don’t see the constant do it again, do it again and do it again, they don’t see the long distance travels to get to and from rehearsals, they don’t see the reality of the hard work that is put into making ones career become a reality.


People, and I say people because I’m learning one of the may reasons why not many get to where they want to get is because many are not willing to do what very few do, which is to do what the other person is willing not to do, and that is put in time.


You study late at night for your math test so you could pass it, well it’s the same thing, no one wants to stay up late and study math, but if you want to pass that test, chances are you have to put in the hours of study time…well you have to put in the hours to train yourself to get to where you want to get.


I’ve come across different types of people who want right away and who are not willing to put in the time and work to get the results. And you know what that’s fine that’s there prerogative it’s not for me to judge.

At the same time, we all need to know that you can’t expect much when you put in very little.



The time and effort that these dancers had to put in to look like this and to do this.



Yes he his a Mogul, but it didn’t happen overnight.



New York, New York

22 Apr

I’m excited, I’m leaving for New York today. I’ll be performing in the Big Apple……:-) new-york-city

The Showcase is called “Sirens After Dark” a showcase created by choreographer Rhapsody James. 


I’m really excited, the dance I choreographed is different, out of the box, something sexy, if your in New York come and watch….you won’t be disappointed, its a great show… The last time I was in New York I made sure I attended, the talent is amazing.

I’m taking the old fashioned way to the Big Apple, I’m taking the bus. And of course I’ll be sharing the experience with you.

So keep posted, I’ll have pictures and mini feeds to let you know whats happening.

I love What I Do

20 Apr


 I could be tired and as soon as I start dancing and or working on choreography my energy comes back to me full force. This became more apparent to me this past weekend. Like I said I’ve been working the overnight shifts 12am-8am for the past 11days, I haven’t been sleeping full eight hours because of my rehearsal schedules and everything else.


This weekend was a little crazy with back to back rehearsals, teaching and no time to rest as much as I would like to, I thought girl how are you going to do this, so I prayed and asked for strength, creativity and energy. Which helped, and I also know that it’s because I truly love what I do and I’m blessed to do what I do. I’m dancing; I’m creating and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else at this time.



 Myself, Gigi, Esie and Annie Cheng performing at Revival for Masia One Album Release Party 2008



Myself and Nicole on Set Roach Killa Video Shoot “Killen Em”


I could be in the dance studio for 5 hours straight and knowing that I’m working on my craft gives me a good feeling, even though I know I have to work another overnight shift, I feel good to be able to be in the studio or anywhere that has a space, dancing and putting the movements to pictures I see in my mind. I’m not going to say I don’t get tired, because I do, but I enjoy it, especially when I see the end results of the time and effort that went it to putting together the right movement or just working on myself personally.


This brings me to another topic.


“You get what you put in” I will post this on Wednesday along with Wednesdays Weekly Quote, Tips and Positive Feedback.


Like always let me know what you think about this Weekly Quote, Tip and Positive Inspiration



Apolonia and myself, freestyle battle for the Masia one Video shoot “Return of the B-Girl2” This is an old picture about two or three years old.