2 Apr

Sometime opportunities do not present it self loud and clear, If it did we all would make the right decisions, no mistakes, and we will never take risks.


Opportunities do not always come with pretty colours, well known people, or with big propaganda behind it.

Sometimes opportunities are where we least expect it, when we are not at our best and when we are having off days. Majority of the best things and best opportunities that have came my way, has not been because it was presented that way, it came out of nowhere when I least expected it and when I put myself out there.

So reason for this blog: well don’t let great things go by in life because you only go for what has light on it and what is great to the eyes of the majority, try the unknown…you never know…you just never know…., keep yourself open to possibilities…., don’t close yourself off because you think you know what your time and opportunity is….just be open…because you never know..you just never know….:-)

Yes some opportunities are going to be great and some are just going to be plain awful, you wish you never were part of it, and some are going to be awful but the lesson learned is worth more than a million dollars so you wouldn’t trade it for the world…At the same time be smart…You will never know the outcome of a presented opportunity if you don’t let yourself experience it.


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