Weekly Tips, Quotes, and Positive Inspiration

3 Apr

So I’ve decided to add something new to the blog.

I love and appreciate quotes as you could tell if you’ve been following. So I’ve decided to post a quote, tip, or something of  positive inspiration three times per week. So along, with bloging, I’ll be sharing tips, quotes and positive inspiration three times per week, this way you know what days inspiration is coming.

The days are Monday, to kick off your week. Wednesday to keep you going throughout the week, and Friday to end off the week and get ready for a nice weekend.

If your a professional dancer, recreational dancer, artist, creative being, Fashionista, Trendsetter, innovator, or someone just looking for a good read or some light, then you will enjoy the Tips, Quotes and Positive Inspiration.  All for the creative mind.

Now, I admit I don’t know everything, so if you have a quote, tip, or anything that’s positive please share it with me, you could send me an email to info@kayannward.com please put quote in the subject line, please state the source you got it from and any website link, to your site or blog. This way we all share what inspires us and keeps us going. We all need some encouragement.

To add to that, please feel free to comment on all the tips, quotes, and inspiration, let myself and others know what you think, if it helps, or its just not up to par.

You could also go to the Tips and Quotes tab at the left of the page and that will be the archive for all the previous entries. Hope you enjoy.

I will send out through my contact list  a reminder to read the weekly Tips, Quotes and Inspiration, if your not on the mailing list, please join. here is the link http://www.kayannward.com/contact.html

So starting on Monday, you should receive your weekly good read.

Thanks to all, this idea came about from those who support me and continue to support me, if we could all help each other and encourage each other life would be allot better.


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