Vanessa Williams

6 Apr


“Love what you do, and love who you are. That was a big lesson that my mother always talked about—being independent and being who you are,” she says. “Dare to be different. If you want to dress that way, dress that way. If you have a voice, stand up and speak it. Say what you want to say.”
Vanessa Williams.

This was taking off Oprahs website. Here is the link.

What do I think?

 We all could relate, especially those who have chosen the creative paths as a career path. Many do not understand why we continue on a journey that seems un realistic,  and many try to change who we are.  It could be the music that an artist makes, the clothes we wear, the pictures a photographer takes,  and the jobs we choose and do not choose. So its important to be you and stay true to who you are.

 Thanks Vanessa Williams your mother couldn’t have said it better.

What do you think?


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