The Book Store

8 Apr

So Today, I had it planned to workout for an hour and a half at the gym…I was on my way to the gym..and there was the beautiful book store…so I had to go in…I spent 45minutes in there and I got to the gym at 9:15, the gym closes at 10pm. By the time I got dressed, and got my water it was 9:30pm, so I only had time to do a 25min jog……..awwww.

I’m not upset, I’m just awww………. ok the thing is, I love the book store, I love books, I have books that I’ve never read yet just waiting to be read at home…I enjoy sitting in the book store flipping through magazines, reading books, and letting my mind run wild…but because the book store is just around the corner from the gym I go to, I get side tracked. Some days I could fight it, and some days, like today it was hard, especially because it was cold and wet outside it felt fitting that I entered the book store and just walk around, see whats new..I love that feeling.

I think I’m going to take another route to go to the gym or just go to another gym location.

Right now I’m currently reading ” The Power of a Praying Woman” Stormie Omartian….This book was recommend by a friend..good one, good information. power-of-a-praying-woman

So to add to that topic here are few memorable books and authors that stayed with me over time, no particular order and there is no ranking system just off the top of my head. blog-2

The Fudge Books- Judy Blume – I enjoyed her books when I was a kid

The Nancy Drew Series -by Carolyn Kleene created by Edward Stratemeyer loved these series when I was younger

Fear Street- R. L. Stine : Loved his books when I was a kid.

The Client -John Grisham, I enjoy his books

Rich Dad Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki One of the fisrt Self improvement books I ever read, very good book to have. All about money and understanding what to do with it.

Chicken Soup For The Soul books – Love these books, on everything and anything..

Think and Grow Rich -Napoleon Hill – this book woke me up to, or I should say woke my brain up to whats possible

Science Of Getting Rich, -Wallace D. Wattles – Another brain opener

Stephen King – His books are in a category of its own, a true and artistic writer.

Read, Read, Read…Books, books, books…I love it,  Just as much as Dance…..Well dance has the uppper hand…But reading offers something special.


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