Dancers, Dancers, Dancers, and Choreographers…

12 Apr


You know the saying we all have more in common than we think we do. I believe that. It is not just things, like what we all want in life that we have in common; it also comes from experiences and situations.


Here’s one that I think is more than true and needs to be acknowledged.


As a dancer I’ve been in situations and experiences where I use to think, why is this happening, this makes no sense, am I the only one? The answer is no. I’m not the only one and many dancers before and after me have and will continue to experience the same things.

Here is a list of the feelings that I have had or witnessed from other dancers


Having had a bad audition

Feelings of insecurity

Not sure what to do with your life

Feeling like your not going anywhere

Not sure if you should take the risk and leave your comfort zone

Watching your peers achieve success and wondering why your not

Financial issues, rent can’t be paid, phone bill getting cut off, not having money for food

Creditors calling you to pay your monthly bills

Not knowing who to trust

Not being asked by your peers to dance

Dealing with unprofessional dancers and choreographers

Working with choreographers and dancers who put you down

Wanting to fit in and trying to fit in and sometimes that’s the wrong crowd

Wondering why you’re not being asked to dance at the end of the class

Dealing with others constantly watching your every move

Not enough support from your peers

Frustrated with your self because you are not picking up choreography as fast as you would like to



Another side note for the choreographers


Dealing with unprofessional dancers

Dealing with dancers who want…. want…..want……. and want….. but not willing to put in the time and work

Questioning your creative ability

Not sure who to trust with your creative ideas


And the list goes on………


My take on this, lets all admit that we have felt one of these or more at a certain time and point throughout our careers as a dancer and or choreographer. It’s not bad to have felt or have thought that way. We are all human; we will experience times of self doubt, angry, frustration, resentment etc. I have experienced times of self doubt and still do, however I’m very fortunate to have good people in my life that I could talk to and I trust plus there’s something special called faith.


So if we feel this way, why do we not acknowledge it and when it is acknowledge there is a fear of offending someone, when that is not the intention? Well the “Ego is a dangerous thing if not understood” To help others you have to take your wants, your needs, your image, how great you are…how amazing you are….how fantastic you are…how many great people you know….and your pride out of the picture. It is not about you, and has nothing to do with you but everything to do with helping others, and creating an environment where dancers and or choreographers could be the best dancer and or choreographer that they could be, and make the path less crazy for the ones to come.

Don’t let The Ego get in the way of relating to someone and potentially helping some one. We can’t continue doing what we are doing and expecting different results that insanity….


So what do you do, find people that you know you could trust, and no they don’t have to be fellow dancers or choreographers. At the same time when you notice someone feeling a certain way, it doesn’t hurt to say I’ve been there its cool, things will work out….or simple just know and understand that we all want to do what we love to do. You or myself are not more deserving…It also doesn’t hurt to pay attention to others….pay attention to your surroundings…not the ego….

Heres something else I do, may I add, I had to learn to do this. I step away completely, when I start questioning myself and my energy starts to die, I step away for a day, weekend,  or the the week. I step away..And get myself together


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