Why Do I blog?

15 Apr

This one, is from myself.

Why Do I Blog?


I’ve always enjoyed writing, and never thought much of it, I do it because I love it, I’ve always kept journals and note books on top of notebooks with poems, songs, thoughts, and anything that captured how I was feeling and what I was  thinking.

I still don’t think much of writing other than the fact that I love it, and blogging is another avenue to connect with others and exchange thoughts and experiences. The number one reason for me is that its an outlet to let all thats inside of me out, all the creative energy. Other than dance writing is like therapy, it comes natural and I could do it for days..

So why is this part of the weekly Quotes, Tips and Positive Inspiration? Well all through high school, and college writing has helped me. You would think I’m a very vocal person, truth is I’m not, I’m only very vocal with close friends and family that I’m comfortable with and vocal when I’m talking about something passionate and dear to me. Other than that, you wouldn’t know I’m in the room, I like to observe.

I don’t talk much, so when something was irritating, bothering, or disturbing me, the first thing I would do is write. I would write on napkins, scrap papers anything that I could get my hands on.

Through writing I was able to get somethings off my chest. It has helped me so much and continue to help me. When something is on my mind I now have a blog that I could write on, and surprisingly people read it, which is amazing.

Writing keeps me focus, it helps clear my mind. When I can’t express myself verbally, chances are I will write about it, and I could get away with much more, I could really let others know what I think and how I feel. So along with dancing, writing is another avenue for me to express myself, writing keeps me sane it takes my mind off the politics that comes with the industry at times, it takes me to another creative place that until you try it you know what its like.

So all in all, I’m saying find an outlet outside of your chosen career path, it could be exercising, dancing, or writing etc. Balance out. Its been so helpful to know that I have another outlet other than dance to connect to, I was fortunate to have learned this at a young age, some people have to try new things to figure out what they could do other than what they do for there careers. I find when we are so focus on what we are doing sometimes it becomes a chore, especially when times get difficult, if we are able to step away and do something else that we equally enjoy, it frees up the restrictions and energy flow so that we could get back to our first joy with a clear mind.

Thanks to all of you who stop by everyday and read what I’ve posted.:::-)


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