17 Apr


When I was younger I was involved in Track n field, Gymnastics and Volleyball. I loved it, especially the training, but I never pursued any of the above, because I didn’t believe I could succeed at it. Not that I wasn’t good, I got many metals from all three of the sports events, I just didn’t believe in myself at that time.  It had nothing to do with my work ethic but more to do with the fact that I was young, I didn’t really think a girl like me could be great at sports, I recieved encouragement from my teachers but I didn’t pursue any of the sports. A part of me wished that I had continued but if I had I don’t know if I would be dancing. Either way, from competing and participating in sports I learned something that I took with me over the years, something priceless, and I think many atheletes have this in them.

I learned to work hard, the training that came from these sports taught me to persevere and reach the finish line. I was not the athlete of all athletes, but I enjoyed sports and the training that came with it. I learned that you get what you put in.

So persevere, don’t give up, reach the finish line, even if others are in front of you, reach the finish line, you trained and worked hard to get there so finish. Don’t give up on yourself.


2 Responses to “Perseverance”

  1. MsToya April 18, 2009 at 5:14 am #

    thats soooo weird!!!
    i started in gymnastics and dance, played basketball, baseball, volleyball and ran track all the way up to the end of highschool!! hahaha r u sure we aint related or something?!?!!
    my parents didn’t believe in giving me or my brother any time to relax haha we were in summer leagues and everything, but it kept us out of trouble and we are actually still in the dance field so i can’t even be mad haha!!!

  2. Kay-Ann Ward April 18, 2009 at 5:45 pm #

    Lol. Toya I told you we are related, somewhere down the line, we have to be, because thats crazy….something else that we have in common.

    I’m going to ask my mom …lol.

    For real it means we are good people…lol…your mom was serious, thats good that she did that…expose you guys to as much as possible at a early age…now look, she must be really proud::-)

    I was never good at basketball, I played but never good, I was actually on the baseball team for a while….but not very good….lol…I like playing more than I like watching baseball…

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