I love What I Do

20 Apr


 I could be tired and as soon as I start dancing and or working on choreography my energy comes back to me full force. This became more apparent to me this past weekend. Like I said I’ve been working the overnight shifts 12am-8am for the past 11days, I haven’t been sleeping full eight hours because of my rehearsal schedules and everything else.


This weekend was a little crazy with back to back rehearsals, teaching and no time to rest as much as I would like to, I thought girl how are you going to do this, so I prayed and asked for strength, creativity and energy. Which helped, and I also know that it’s because I truly love what I do and I’m blessed to do what I do. I’m dancing; I’m creating and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else at this time.



 Myself, Gigi, Esie and Annie Cheng performing at Revival for Masia One Album Release Party 2008



Myself and Nicole on Set Roach Killa Video Shoot “Killen Em”


I could be in the dance studio for 5 hours straight and knowing that I’m working on my craft gives me a good feeling, even though I know I have to work another overnight shift, I feel good to be able to be in the studio or anywhere that has a space, dancing and putting the movements to pictures I see in my mind. I’m not going to say I don’t get tired, because I do, but I enjoy it, especially when I see the end results of the time and effort that went it to putting together the right movement or just working on myself personally.


This brings me to another topic.


“You get what you put in” I will post this on Wednesday along with Wednesdays Weekly Quote, Tips and Positive Feedback.


Like always let me know what you think about this Weekly Quote, Tip and Positive Inspiration



Apolonia and myself, freestyle battle for the Masia one Video shoot “Return of the B-Girl2” This is an old picture about two or three years old.





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