So Far….In New York

23 Apr

Hey Everyone…..hope your good, so here is whats taking place in New York so far.

The Dancers who are with me are Myrosia Palmer and Amy Taylor…Thanks ladies..

We left Toronto at 9:30pm as planned,  the bus we took was the Mega Bus, which was my first time, so it surprised me, when I realized it was a double Decker bus…lol…that got my nerves going I’m not use to that. Well of course we sat on the top level at the front so we had the best view on the bus….:-)

We arrived in New York at 7am as scheduled.  We took the subway to the hotel, to be told the hotel check in is at 3pm. Awwwwww….., I could scream…….., how did I miss that detail, I’m usually on point. Well we had to leave our stuff at the hotel and go to our 11am tech rehearsal. Lucky the hotel staff called me and said a room became available so we didn’t have to walk around New York until 3pm. We got to the hotel at 1pm. Slept, got our outfits together, and adjusted some spacing and transition for the dance routine and now we are off to eat, at times square….whooot. I really want to go to Broadway City Dance Centre and take a dance class, but I don’t know if that will happen.

I’ll keep you all posted…

I have to say these ladies are great, no complaints from them, we had to travel on the subway with bags, tired, were not able to check in when we thought we would….that’s great, I appreciate that, and will never forget that.

So I’ll be posting pictures later…

Thanks to all who have shown so much interest in my crazy and spontaneous adventures.


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