New York Performance

29 Apr


New York was absolutely amazing, I love the energy, I love the fashion, I love the individuality that comes with it, it was amazing and once agian I want to thank Amy Taylor and Myrosia Palmer for comming with me and doing what we love to do.

The performance.

The performance went well, of course we were all a little nervous, but thats ok, nervous is good….we did what we went to do..the audience recieved it well…we were not performers that the audience was familiar with…so it was understandable when we didn’t get the same shouts as the other performers…The talent was absolutely amazing. Rhapsody the Company put on an amazing performance…and as for Rhapsody herself she did a great job putting the showcase togeteher and I thank her for having us and I also thank her for being a woman of strength in the industry.

Enough of my jabble wabble, heres some pics enjoy..

Before getting on the Double Decker Mega Bus.dsc012971

A view of the Big apple from the Bus.dsc01305

Myrosia Palmer, striking a pose before the performancedsc01354

Me, posing…:-)dsc01365

Amy Taylordsc01352

Me…at the hotel don’t ask why, I had my hat in my mouth…lol…it makes a great pic.dsc01346

The hands…I love it…all themed out::-)dsc01358

All dressed up….at the performance venuedsc013701

If it wasn’t for the fact that I think this guy is an amazing dancer and he treated us so well when we arrived in New York, I wouldn’t post this pic..its the only one I have with him…My lips are super red…and I think I look tired…this is not a favorite pic…but he’s amazing. He is a member of Rhapsody the company. Aka. Luda.dsc01373

I will post the Video later. I have the video however its the first three performances so I have to cut it.


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