Pay attention to your finances

29 Apr

I’ve never enjoyed math, didn’t like it and I still don’t enjoy it. But I know that I’m in an industry where numbers are so important. Plus money matters….and no I don’t favor dealing with numbers but I need to know whats coming in and whats going out…so learn now.

money much do I get paid, how much does my agent take…how much do I pay dancers how much do I deserve and want to get paid…How to budget monthly….Interest rates…understand them and how they affect you….you have to take the initiative to keep track of your finances and ask questions when you  don’t understand something. Sometimes dancers and choreographers don’t pay attention to these things..but its important…I’ve had to learn and still learning and like I said I’m not a fan of numbers…

And sometimes its not the most comfortable feeling to ask someone about money and payments and to take out your calculator to confirm that your getting the right amount etc…but you know what, be smart…be wise…and pay attention…double check…ask questions….

Sometimes people make mistakes…sometimes computers make mistakes…you never know…

At the same time be professional don’t assume when you don’t know…be aware of who you talk to about these matters…engaging in conversation that could be detrimental to yourself and a third party is not wise…if your not sure about financial matters…don’t jump to conclusions take it to the source….But be wise….

Many dancers have worked with people who sometimes do not pay them and thats not a good situation to be in or good feeling to have…however how you deal with it is just as important as keeping track of what your suppose to get paid.

I’ll touch on this subject later but jumping to conclusions and letting your mouth think for you could get you in hot water….


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