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What Do You Know For Sure

29 May

I found a few good reads from the good old Oprah website.

The question asked is “What do you know for sure?”




27 May

Passion….I love that word…Don’t laugh…I probably sound all out there right now…

Well here’s why I say that…I was watching a few music videos from way back…and I mean way back….from the Drifters…to the Supremes…I led my way up to Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson…and I thought wow…the passion that they had was so…. powerful…so raw…so real

There’s a certain realness that I got from watching those videos…it wasn’t just the music it was the story line, the videography, the movement…it was amazing and refreshing….Michael Jackson…yes he’s out there with the costumes and the big budget videos but the passion he had was and still is amazing…the choreography was simple but effective…if you study it…you may start to laugh and ask yourself what am I watching…not that its bad…but its genius..because its so simple and real…and what he puts behind it was so strong…he gave his entire being to grabbing his crotch, screaming and executing each move.

What he put behind each move was so powerful…it was passion…what I got from those videos was passion…the kind of passion that others could feel.

So from this, what I’m saying is when you do something do it from within…dance from within…be passionate about it…I think that sets allot of people apart…when someone is passionate about something its like could feel it even when you don’t want to…

Audition follow up

27 May

So Sunday passed and I had my first audition. Well first audition meaning, I was in charge of choosing the dancers, and teaching them the choreography…

I have to say it was quite the experience to be the one behind the table, to be the one looking at the dancers and feeling out the vibe I got from them…

Before the audition started I was waiting on the owner of the studio to open up the studio, she wasn’t late, but because it was me in charge of putting this together I though OMG…she forgot, OMG…people are going to come and the studio is going to be locked and I’m going to have to apologize and send them home and I also thought OMG..what if no one comes…lol…well no need for all of that..the owner came on time…dancers came out…and I was happy…I could breath…and relax my mind…

It was a great experience but more than that, the audition was set up for a specific reason it was to choose dancers for my first production. I never like to pick anyone out…but the truth of the matter is I had to choose.

So I want to thank all the dancers who came out to the audition, its never easy, especially when I’ve been in that situation as a dancer and will continue to be in the auditioning seat as a dancer whenever I go out there to audition for shows, videos, productions etc.

The best advice I have, is to be yourself, be positive, be true to you, focus on what your there to do, listen, don’t get caught up with talking to your friends around you, pay attention to details and give it your all, know that you walked out of that audition having done your best…and if you don’t get the call back, don’t take it personal…continue on the path….your time will come…and remain positive.

Don’t engage in bashful conversations regarding why you didn’t get the part…be professional about it and walk away, save yourself time and a peace of mind…continue to better your craft…its never easy knowing that you didn’t get picked, but understand that everyone is looking for something different.

And when you do get picked…don’t bash others who didn’t….be thankful and apprecaite it.

My thoughts when the dancers stood in the studio waiting to be taught choreography was….. wow, I could feel the hunger and the energy that they had…I was excited to see what my work would look like on the dancers.

 I’m truy excited about this project.

Thanks to all who came out.

Dance Quote

25 May

“The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music. Bodies never lie.” De Mille

I like this saying. Your body language says allot, even when you are not dancing your energy and physical movements sends off a message.

Mahatma Gandhi

22 May

“Be the Change that you want to see in the world”  Mahatma Gandhi

I like this quote because, it points the finger back to yourself….this applies to everything. To creativity, to the way we live and treat each other, to being yourself…

But I want to focus on something specific.

 We can’t change others, we can’t force others to be nice, and sensitive towards us. We can’t force others, to treat us the way we want to to be treated. But what we can do, is treat others the way we want to be treated.

 You could stand for something and stand strong on it….you could set the tone for your surroundings and how you want others to be when they are around you.

As dancers sometimes I see and I think, we feel that we need to be timid because we really want that job, we really want others to like us and work with us, we really want to play the game, and we really want to be in the in crowd of dancers, even when we know that the in crowd isn’t always the healthy crowd…we really want to dance, we really want to make it…even if it means tearing down your morals, tearing down the essence of someones being..

So heres something we could and do it together….”Be the Change you want to see in the world” That’s my new mantra…..don’t focus on what A,B,C, and D is doing, be that change…..


20 May

Something I’m learning that is proofing to be true is, you could only do so much by yourself. You need the help of others, the support of each other, and the knowledge of each other.

It takes a community to raise a child they say… well I think its the same for everything we do. Yes we have to depend on ourselves because at the end of the day that’s all you have.  But that’s not the same…call on the help of others, there are people out there who enjoy this, there are people out there who understand that when they collaborate, there’s more to gain, or the experience is well worth it, or the added stress that one may have had to endure, doesn’t have to be that way because now there’s two minds involved.

When two people or companies collaborate, and they do this respectfully meaning they know whats expected of them and they are able to respect the fact that they disagree and if they can’t agree it doesn’t mean they are going to make that experience tarnish the relationship and what they stand for. Something great comes out of it.  Two creative people could come together to create musical pieces that has the best of both worlds, or dancers, doing a duet, choreographers creating together. You could reach a greater group of audience when you come together and work with someone.

Collaboration is not for everyone…I think a person has to be comfortable and secure in there own skin to let someone else come in and share there vision and potentially team up with. Visions, respect, and goals would need to be discussed. There’s no me in collaboration, its making sure that each person is satisfied and happy, its team work and there’s no me in team work.

What do you think

Educate yourself about your craft

18 May

Ummm let’s see you want to be a baseball player. Then name a few professional baseball players.

You want to be an actor or an actress, name a few past actors, name some movies that have made a mark on the industry that you want to be in.

You want to be a professional dancer. Name a few choreographers in the industry, and not the ones in your neighbourhood, name a few professional and underground dancers.

 Don’t know…then the perfect time to start knowing is now.

 Education is never a bad thing…and it’s not just for school.

It’s easy to just want to do the things we love to do and not study them. But really how far is that going to get you…think about it. There’s a world that’s bigger than your neighbourhood, and your country, open your mind and find out what’s out there, I don’t think you have to know everyone who has been in your field or know of every significant point.

But I honestly think being educated about your craft makes you much more aware. We now have You Tube, Google, My Space, Twitter, Face book and many more, with so many social sites to visit and search engines, finding out about someone is becoming increasingly easy. Not all information is easy to find. I know for me when I’m researching a particular choreography or dancer I usually find out about all that they have done, and who they have done it with…its hard to get the information about there early beginnings. How they started, there trials, the first paid and non paid gigs they got. I don’t research this to be nosy, I research this so that I could learn about the dance industry, how it was then and how it is now, and I apply some of the techniques and skills that they suggest. Sometimes the information is almost never there so I ask questions some people answer and some don’t…the point is learn about your craft, study those who have come before you, when you respect the hard work and dedication many have put into the craft that you have chosen, it opens you up, your not just someone wanting to do be part of something your now making the conscious effort to know and to understand your industry.  Many people have paved the way so that we are able to do what we do, it doesn’t hurt to find out who they are, and what the challenges are that they have faced, how they overcame them…study the tools that they used…study them, just by watching them.

At the same time you don’t have to if you don’t want to…but it makes a difference when you do. It says that you respect your craft, you respect those who have contributed to making the craft what it is…and it shows that you’re passionate about what you do and that you’re a student for life.


So You Think You Can Dance

18 May

Wow it’s been a year since So You Think You Can Dance made its home in Canada.

And it’s back again, with many dancers waiting in the line to get the chance to show the judges what they love to do.

So to everyone who is auditioning today, I wish you all the best…have fun and give it your all, but don’t forget to be yourself. Everyone else is taken. So be you.

 I know a few people were surprised when I told them I wasn’t going to audition this year. I auditioned last year, I made it through the first round and I was happy and surprised, the second round came and I didn’t make it through. I’m not at all bitter, I had a great experience and I had fun, it felt amazing to be in the same room filled with so many dancers. Yes it was a long day, but I learned allot about myself and allot about people.

This year I decided not to audition, I don’t have a set reason as to why, its just not where I am right now, who knows, I may audition next year, I don’t know,…I’m not closing any doors… I’m open to all the possibilities that come my way….I thought of auditioning this year…but the feeling didn’t register to audition.

 I enjoy watching So You Think You Can Dance, I enjoy watching the choreography, the costumes that are used, watching the growth of each dancer, especially when you know the dancer personally and you could really tell that they have grown, it’s a personal connection and I think that’s one of the reasons why the show is so popular aside from the fact that Canada has some killer dancers who could really tear up the dance floor, Plus the show has become part of today’s dance culture…So I’m excited to watch what happens this year.

 Once again I wish all the dancers the best. Have Fun. Please Have Fun. And be yourself.

 Last Years Finalist, If you don’t know already..

 nico 2


Dancers are like Athletes

15 May

I read somewhere…and I completely forgot where….But I read the statement “dancers are like athlete’s.”


At first I didn’t get it, but after thinking, and experiencing, the picture came together.

Dancing itself is fun…and many enjoy it…like jogging…many people enjoy jogging…but the game is different when it becomes your profession. Like professional athlete’s, dancers have to and need to train, mentally and physically, the work that goes into training, is tough and  sometimes…emotionally difficult….its preparation….. athletes are known to put on the game face before the game, really good dancers know when to put on the mask of performance….athletes get there minds right before they enter the competition zone, dancers who understand this concept prepare themselves mentally for the auditions, for the tours…

So I think its true…I think dancers are athletes…we tell stories with our movements…but we train just as hard as athletes….to get the results that we need…….

Thinking this way helps your overall attitude…here’s something I found on Mental training for athletes, but it applies to dancers

In mental training & coaching athletes can work on their:

  • Sports confidence and belief
  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Concentration, attention and distraction
  • Coping with stress, tension and pressure
  • Energy and emotion regulation
  • Mental rehearsal and imagery
  • Self-talk, thinking and affirmations
  • Game planning and preparation
  • Performance review/debriefing
  • Communication and conflict management

Here’s the link of the site I got this from….

So the above applies to dancers too, I like it…what do you think…


14 May


Calling all professional Dancers, and entertainers

Kay-Ann Ward is seeking professional dancers for an upcoming themed show.

If you would like to be part of something new, exciting and innovative we invite you to attend the auditions. Only those who are serious and reliable are asked to audition

We are also seeking female dancers to be part of our all female performance group.  If you are interested please attend audition and state this on the form.

*** There is a different submission for Singers and Entertainers please read below. *****

**** Note this is a non paid performance, we do value the time and talent of all who will be part of the show, as to why we will make sure all who are involved are taken care of the best way possible.****

Dancers Auditions

Audition Date:  Sunday May 24th, 2009

Audition Time: 6:30pm Sharp

Location: Studio Eleven Twelve 1112 Dundas street east (Dundas and Logan)

Auditions for Entertainers.

Submission deadline: May 20th, 2009 (please put singer/entertainer in the subject line)

Dancer Requirements.

Must be over 18 years old.

 Looking for strong and versatile dancers who are able to pick up and execute choreography well.

Must be good at one or all of these dance forms.

Hip-Hop, Dancehall Reggae, Jazz, Street Jazz, and Freestyle

All dancers must be professional and respectful

All female dancers must be able to dance in heels

Must be available for the full day of the show which is on August 23rd, 2009.  The show start time will be given.

Must be available for all or majority of the rehearsals.  Rehearsals start May 31st, 2009 Sundays and Tuesdays. Mondays will be added starting July 20th, 2009. Wednesdays will be added starting August 5th, 2009. Thursdays added the last week of the show.  Rehearsal location will be at convenient down location, TTC accessible. All rehearsals will start at 7pm-10:30pm

Must be able to work in a team environment and comfortable partnering with other dancers

Must be able to express a wide range of emotions, be comfortable taking risks and stepping outside of comfort zone.

Please bring with you.

Picture and resume. Please note if you do not have a professional picture, bring a clear picture of yourself…that shows your face.

Please come prepared to learn two sets of choreography, and freestyle in your style of dancing.


Entertainers, poets, and singers, audition

Are you a singer, poet, guitar player or a unique one of a kind performer with a different style and feel? If so, we would like to see you and potentially have you part of the show.

Please email footage of yourself or send a link to please put entertainer in the subject line.  No Later than May 20th, 2009. You will be contacted for an interview and private audition if you fit the concept of the show.

Please put in the body of the email, your full name, contact number, website if you have one.

We thank all those who submit and attend the audition however only those selected and fit the concept of the show will be contacted.