My Take on Tyler Perry

11 May

OK….So here is what I think about the short bit of the Tyler Perry story….

I think it is absolutely amazing in every way…..

But it goes back to, doing what you love to do and not giving up, but he admitted that he wanted to stop countless times, but every time he was about to give up something happened to keep pushing him along…

From  reading his story, I call on his strength and his perseverance. I call on his strong believe in faith to have kept on going…and believing in a stronger being than himself.

Words can’t describe exactly how I felt and still feel when I read about it…because its crazy…its amazing.

Dancers, Choreographers, Singers, Actors, Entrepreneurs, Moms, the list goes on….we all could relate…how many times have we given up….and how many times do we say you know what I can’t do this anymore and something….some inner voice or push keeps us going….I have to confess…the many times and I say many, when I’m like wow what do I do now…I don’t want to stop…but I just can’t see over that darn high mountain…something talks to me…I encounter someone…a book…a see something that helps me over that mountain which prepares me to go over another high mountain…which makes me stronger..

When I read and hear about people who have gone through extraordinary circumstances and situations and came out on top or just came out, when they were not suppose to, I applaud that, and I’m thankful that they share there stories with the world so that people like myself could be inspired.

So that’s my take on Tyler Perry…I’m truly happy he his able to share his stories with us…and not just his past stories of trials and tribulations but his comedies…his movies and plays…I can’t get enough….really…. if you haven’t seen any of his plays…I really suggest you rent it at Blockbuster or watch one of his movies you won’t regret it. Its a good laugh…

And yes I thank him for sharing his story about his life…Never Give up…and the power of prayer… is great.


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