The process

13 May

The process of putting something together or going through something is usually not that best especially if the work is tiring and repetitive…like running a dance combo over and over again or staying up late to make sure last minute details for a play, show, or your website is together and fine tuned..but its done and the extra effort is put in because people are truly passionate about what they do….And I mean truly passionate…

I’m sitting here with a major project on my hand that I’m excited to start and get underway…however I’m like ooooh the late nights….ohhhh the this and the that…I had to and have to catch myself…I’m like girl don’t psyche yourself out…go right ahead….its exciting to start something new….yes I don’t know what the road to get there will be like but it will be worth it when your able to see all the hard work and creativity that you put in…

So my mind goes to all the singers who work on there albums for months, all the dance companies who work on there choreography for months before they tour…that feeling that they get when there like wow…look at this…look at what was created through months of late nights….hard work…and constant fine tuning…its an emotional feeling….

I know I spoke about something like this before…but think about it….its really exciting to sit and look at something you have accomplished from hard work…something that a year or a couple months ago…that was just an idea…its great…


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