Dancers are like Athletes

15 May

I read somewhere…and I completely forgot where….But I read the statement “dancers are like athlete’s.”


At first I didn’t get it, but after thinking, and experiencing, the picture came together.

Dancing itself is fun…and many enjoy it…like jogging…many people enjoy jogging…but the game is different when it becomes your profession. Like professional athlete’s, dancers have to and need to train, mentally and physically, the work that goes into training, is tough and  sometimes…emotionally difficult….its preparation….. athletes are known to put on the game face before the game, really good dancers know when to put on the mask of performance….athletes get there minds right before they enter the competition zone, dancers who understand this concept prepare themselves mentally for the auditions, for the tours…

So I think its true…I think dancers are athletes…we tell stories with our movements…but we train just as hard as athletes….to get the results that we need…….

Thinking this way helps your overall attitude…here’s something I found on Mental training for athletes, but it applies to dancers

In mental training & coaching athletes can work on their:

  • Sports confidence and belief
  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Concentration, attention and distraction
  • Coping with stress, tension and pressure
  • Energy and emotion regulation
  • Mental rehearsal and imagery
  • Self-talk, thinking and affirmations
  • Game planning and preparation
  • Performance review/debriefing
  • Communication and conflict management

Here’s the link of the site I got this from….

So the above applies to dancers too, I like it…what do you think…


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