20 May

Something I’m learning that is proofing to be true is, you could only do so much by yourself. You need the help of others, the support of each other, and the knowledge of each other.

It takes a community to raise a child they say… well I think its the same for everything we do. Yes we have to depend on ourselves because at the end of the day that’s all you have.  But that’s not the same…call on the help of others, there are people out there who enjoy this, there are people out there who understand that when they collaborate, there’s more to gain, or the experience is well worth it, or the added stress that one may have had to endure, doesn’t have to be that way because now there’s two minds involved.

When two people or companies collaborate, and they do this respectfully meaning they know whats expected of them and they are able to respect the fact that they disagree and if they can’t agree it doesn’t mean they are going to make that experience tarnish the relationship and what they stand for. Something great comes out of it.  Two creative people could come together to create musical pieces that has the best of both worlds, or dancers, doing a duet, choreographers creating together. You could reach a greater group of audience when you come together and work with someone.

Collaboration is not for everyone…I think a person has to be comfortable and secure in there own skin to let someone else come in and share there vision and potentially team up with. Visions, respect, and goals would need to be discussed. There’s no me in collaboration, its making sure that each person is satisfied and happy, its team work and there’s no me in team work.

What do you think


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