Audition follow up

27 May

So Sunday passed and I had my first audition. Well first audition meaning, I was in charge of choosing the dancers, and teaching them the choreography…

I have to say it was quite the experience to be the one behind the table, to be the one looking at the dancers and feeling out the vibe I got from them…

Before the audition started I was waiting on the owner of the studio to open up the studio, she wasn’t late, but because it was me in charge of putting this together I though OMG…she forgot, OMG…people are going to come and the studio is going to be locked and I’m going to have to apologize and send them home and I also thought OMG..what if no one comes…lol…well no need for all of that..the owner came on time…dancers came out…and I was happy…I could breath…and relax my mind…

It was a great experience but more than that, the audition was set up for a specific reason it was to choose dancers for my first production. I never like to pick anyone out…but the truth of the matter is I had to choose.

So I want to thank all the dancers who came out to the audition, its never easy, especially when I’ve been in that situation as a dancer and will continue to be in the auditioning seat as a dancer whenever I go out there to audition for shows, videos, productions etc.

The best advice I have, is to be yourself, be positive, be true to you, focus on what your there to do, listen, don’t get caught up with talking to your friends around you, pay attention to details and give it your all, know that you walked out of that audition having done your best…and if you don’t get the call back, don’t take it personal…continue on the path….your time will come…and remain positive.

Don’t engage in bashful conversations regarding why you didn’t get the part…be professional about it and walk away, save yourself time and a peace of mind…continue to better your craft…its never easy knowing that you didn’t get picked, but understand that everyone is looking for something different.

And when you do get picked…don’t bash others who didn’t….be thankful and apprecaite it.

My thoughts when the dancers stood in the studio waiting to be taught choreography was….. wow, I could feel the hunger and the energy that they had…I was excited to see what my work would look like on the dancers.

 I’m truy excited about this project.

Thanks to all who came out.


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