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Step Away

29 Jun

I was trying to trying to figure something out yesterday, and I couldn’t come up with an answer, I was working my brain, trying to make a final decision about an idea  I had..

The decision wasn’t life or death, matter of fact I could have waited to make the decision.

So after getting frustrated with myself,  a close friend said to me, “You know, you don’t need to decide now, your frustrating yourself over something that is very little at this time, why don’t you step away, let your mind clear up, then start brainstorming some ideas, because its obvious that your not going to make the best decision right now.”

That lit up in my head. I laughed at myself first of all, for getting so worked up, but I was brought back to my senses.

Really sometimes, we need to let ourselves deal with situations naturally, stop forcing the mind to have an answer now. You could tell when this is not the best thing to do, because usually after you make the decision you still are not happy.

So I let it go…and I will get back to thinking about that specific idea, when I’m able to sit down and give the thought the space and time it needs to come together.


Thank You Michael Jackson

26 Jun

Michael Jackson. 1958-2009

michael jackson

I have not grasped the loss of Michael as yet, It’s extremely sad.

There’s so much to say. That I will say when the words come together.

What I could say and will stand by is this. “Though Michael left us, he has brought millions of people together through music, dance and his heart. Which is something that should be celebrated. He has shown the world that we shouldn’t see race as a barrier, we should love each other.

He made generations feel good time after time….and for that I thank him. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

Like I said, for many this is tough, and for me it is tough to write this…He his truly great, and I’m not in any way going to lie, I was a fan…a big fan…and a proud one. I feel like I’ve lost a close friend. Words cannot explain the impact that he had on many….

Lets be happy that this generation had the opportunity to celebrate music and dance with M.J..

Love You Michael….


24 Jun

Great dancers aren’t great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.

I think this quote is amazing.

In no way am I down playing the importance of technique, however I’m stressing the importance of that fire that comes out when a dancer is on the stage.

For me personally the ability to listen to music and let your body tell a story, the ability to let all your walls down and let the entire audience feel what your feeling is amazing, to me that beats technique.

I appreciate technique, but I can’t watch an entire performance that’s straight technique, I want to feel the dancers passion.

I also like this, because for the longest time I was hung up on the fact that I started training late, you know what that’s fine, I still went and trained, but its not the end of the world. I could dance and the passion is there and will always be there.

Dance your heart out every time you get the chance to…..its who we are as dancers…..Don’t ever hold back….why dance if your not really going to dance…

Dance and Workout With A Friend

23 Jun

I have a great deal to share with you all.

Share the excitement. Dance and Workout with a friend.

Classes for the next three weeks ( June 26, July 3rd and July 10th, 2009) will be $9.00 if you bring a friend, meaning you and your friend pay $9.00 each.

Take advantage of this great deal. Share the excitement with a friend, get a great workout all while you learn the hottest dancehall moves.

 Feel the burn, sweat and have fun

Register for class today by emailing your name and friends name to See you.

Classes will be held at Elevation Dancentre 979 Bloor Street West (Dovercourt and Bloor)

Please feel free to call 647-210-8436 if you have any questions or email

sweat b4 u sweat

Creativity is a beautiful thing

22 Jun

I touched on something Friday that passed. ( June 19th, 2009)

Which is the importance of keeping our conversations in alignment with what we want.

Here is something else that I think its great to make note of.

Creativity is a beautiful thing, and its not just being artistic in that context, it also means being artistic with your life and choosing to create a life that is what you imagine and want it to be.

This goes beyond positive thinking and positive affirmations, this is now taking the time to think of what you want and to constantly think of it, and not just materialistic things, but everything that makes you a whole person, think about it and create it in your mind. Create it everyday and every night in your mind until you have no choice but to follow that will to create what makes you feel good,  the will is so strong, it feels so good to create this in your mind, that the thought of being able to do this in reality brings so much happiness.

This is something I’ve learned and I’m still practicing, no its no phony…

Its takes concentration, focus and persistence…its painting your life’s picture..

Try it…Not only does it feel good, your creating the life you want…whats better than that.

What I’ve Been up to

22 Jun

Umm, so here is an update on my dance life…

The past few weeks have been great, and busy.

I’ve been planning The Alter Ego Show, dancing, choreography and teaching, I have no complaints, I love it.

Though I do get tired when my schedule gets back to back….I try and take it in strides and I’ve learned to give myself downtime, which is good, its needed to revamp and get all that energy back that was put out…get your thoughts cleared up and back on point.

Here is the flashback

 I  danced along side Myrosia Palmer at the Festival of Excellence with music artist Farahri and Hip-Hop artist Choclair on June 10th 2009.

Though it rained towards the ending of the evening, all in all it was a great event, I got the chance to watch some amazing athletes compete including Olympic champion Usain Bolt . Plus I had roti….wow…I was waiting the entire evening to have that roti….yum.

On Friday June 19th, 2009 I danced along side Ashley Brodeur, at the Swagga like us event. It was quite the night…I must was fun, all who came out had a great time…

Myself and Charysse, one half of the creative mind behind this event.swagga

With the Go Go Dancers of the nightswagga2


I’ve been rehearsing for the Alter Ego…I can’t wait, but I must wait…its an exciting process to put something together, to create something from a vision and bring it to life, its amazing and I know its all possible, because of the team of dancers who are sweating like crazy to put something great together.

Make sure you come to the show…Sunday August 23rd, 2009 at the Gladstone Hotel. To find out more about the show, the  tab is located at the top left corner of this page.

alter ego v2


I currently went to two auditions a few days ago for the Much Music Video Awards, I have to say they were good, I wasn’t stressed out. Yes my stomach did things that a normal persons stomach would do, but I honestly left those auditions in peace. The dancers that were chosen were great dancers, and I’m truly happy for them, I danced at the MMVA’s last year for Flo-Rida, It was a great experience. The thrill that came from being on that stage was amazing. Every dancer should get that opportunity. And this year it wasn’t me, and its not a bad thing…congrats to all the dancers who danced for Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas, I know they did go..special congrats to my two Toya’s, …great dancers..Whoot Whoot.

Be Concious of your words

19 Jun
If you keep on saying things are going to be bad, you have a good chance of being a prophet.
This quote is good.
I find that sometimes we don’t catch ourselves when we start saying negative things. Well here’s a good reason to stop, if we continue talking about whats wrong, chances are its going to be and stay wrong.
As a dancer I feel that its easy to get caught up with words that are harmful, so over time I had to catch myself, train my thoughts and my actions to be in alignment with what I want. Its not always easy but its definitely worth the effort.
I’ve  followed up on this blog with an article I wrote on the DivaGirl Fitness Website. Here is link, I invite you to read it and let me know me know your thoughts.

Everyone has there time

17 Jun

We usually don’t know whats at the end of the road, many of us pray its something great and many of us hope its something great.

This comes from a few conversations I’ve had over the past few days with myself and others.

And here is what I have to say “Everyone has there time. Today may not be the day that your light will be seen, it may not be tomorrow, or next week, but it will be seen, and it will be appreciated”

I like this

15 Jun
Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire.
If it is desire and passion that keeps us going then this is true and we should hold  on to it, not let anyone take it away.

A Blessing

12 Jun

There are times when we go through these slow periods within our careers, and we ask questions like “Oh my gosh, whats going on with my life?” “Nothing is happening maybe I should quit” or you say “OK maybe this is the sign that its the end of the road nothing else and nothing more will happen from here.”

Well I’ve thought that way, and its very destructive. Not good at all.

But that’s not the point, the point is to let yourself go through what it needs to go through emotionally, know what it feels like to not be constantly working on a project, don’t rush yourself to make the next move, feel that emotion, you may ask why…

Well its simple…you never know what you have until its gone, so when you get the next job, when things do pick up and your on cloud nine, do not forget the struggle, do not forget where you came from, and when you have made it (and we all have different definitions of making it) that it wasn’t always easy. But you came through, and because you did….. be thankful.

With anything in life…success, money, materialistic things…the dream job…

To do what we love to do is a blessing, and it could be taken away.

No we shouldn’t live in fear of the possibility that what we enjoy might be taken away, but we should live and be conscious and know that we have is to share…what we have is a gift and not a selfish gift.

I’m truly blessed to be able to dance, it gets hard sometimes, but its a blessing and one that is  not be taken for granted.