I like this

15 Jun
Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire.
If it is desire and passion that keeps us going then this is true and we should hold  on to it, not let anyone take it away.

2 Responses to “I like this”

  1. Mya June 17, 2009 at 5:14 pm #

    I love this quote, and I love Patti Smith…
    I love this quote because it rings true to all passionate people. I feel like I have always been a passionate person. I had passion in me but somehow I was unable to bring it out from within me. I had a great desire to expose it, to show those around me how much I care for the arts that would hone my well-being, but I have hit a plateau in my passion when I began university. I was enrolled in the Theatre and Drama studies program at UTM and all I could think about prior to studying was all of the acting I could do. I love to act, I love to perform and the stage was where I wanted to be from the get go. I realized soon after that my passionate thought for the stage was a bit pre-mature considering the type of program I was enrolled in. I learned well soon after that it takes considerable work and training to become any performer be it actor, dancer, or singer and that passion is not enough. You cannot rely solely on your wants and desires. You must utilize all the skills that you have and develop the kind of discipline that is required of you to grow into an artist. The type of artist you want to be or dream of becoming. But I had to stop dreaming and work. It was the most difficult and challenging 2 years of my life because university went against all of my expectations, and through this experience, I have made the mistake by putting a cold damper on that fiery sadness called desire. I began to lack in personal motivation and hit a wave of depression. I discovered that the only way to temporarily relieve my depression was for me to dance. As much as I can. I began teaching and I gained confidence through that experience and learned about myself and other people. I joined a dance team on campus for which I choreographed for and did competitions with, but they unfortunately had taken advantage of my skills and used me and my money for their benifits which have led to negetive outcomes. I quit before they could use me any further. I had hoped that dancing would relieve my stress and anger but I discovered that it should only depend on my own passion and desire from now on and not that of others. But my passion was not enough to keep me happy because I felt an expectation to make others happy. But when that failed, I had to leave. I had to put all those behind me and learn from my failures and thus start again fresh from scratch. It wasn’t until I began dancing after a hiatus of 2-3 years that I felt a kind of beautiful renewal. I continued to train in dance by taking weekly classes at OIP Dance, DanceElevations, and Street Dance Academy. I continued to teach dance which I love to do, and and while training at these studios with different dancers and instructors, I’ve begun to develop some dance skills better than ever before (even in highschool). I then began to gain some small exposures and it has been such a rewarding experience to be simply recognized for the potentials that I had neglect to know I had. I feel relifted and coming out of a shell which had encased me from doing what I love for so long. The moment I walked into a Kay Ann Ward’s dance class at DanceElevations, I began to feel a little bit of that shell chipping off because her passion and determination as a teacher motivated me. The first time was rough because it was the first time in several months that I had danced and I wanted to show this woman that I could dance, that I still have it in me. So I kept coming back to take her classes and at the same time, gaining more confidence because of the way she teaches. She has inspired me to become a better dancer and teacher aswell. And I believed that she believed I could do it (eventhough I still don’t feel like a perfect dancer) she has taken me on to a great challenge of working with her on a progressive dance production; something I have been dreaming of doing for some time. Thanks to Kay-Ann, the fiery sadness of desire that had put me in a longtime mode of hoping has now sparked into a flame that is no loger flickering left and right. It is centered and I feel a huge waft of relief as I experience that through dance, I can continue to go down this journey of rediscovering myself as a true artist and as a person.

    • kayannward June 17, 2009 at 7:35 pm #

      Thats great, Mya….I share these quotes because they help me, and anytime I could help others its a blessing and I’m thankful to do it.

      Thanks again.

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