What I’ve Been up to

22 Jun

Umm, so here is an update on my dance life…

The past few weeks have been great, and busy.

I’ve been planning The Alter Ego Show, dancing, choreography and teaching, I have no complaints, I love it.

Though I do get tired when my schedule gets back to back….I try and take it in strides and I’ve learned to give myself downtime, which is good, its needed to revamp and get all that energy back that was put out…get your thoughts cleared up and back on point.

Here is the flashback

 I  danced along side Myrosia Palmer at the Festival of Excellence with music artist Farahri and Hip-Hop artist Choclair on June 10th 2009. http://festivalofexcellence.ca/main2.cfm?id=7E393003-C29A-0912-ECE48767E3509AF8

Though it rained towards the ending of the evening, all in all it was a great event, I got the chance to watch some amazing athletes compete including Olympic champion Usain Bolt . Plus I had roti….wow…I was waiting the entire evening to have that roti….yum.

On Friday June 19th, 2009 I danced along side Ashley Brodeur, at the Swagga like us event. It was quite the night…I must say..it was fun, all who came out had a great time…

Myself and Charysse, one half of the creative mind behind this event.swagga

With the Go Go Dancers of the nightswagga2


I’ve been rehearsing for the Alter Ego…I can’t wait, but I must wait…its an exciting process to put something together, to create something from a vision and bring it to life, its amazing and I know its all possible, because of the team of dancers who are sweating like crazy to put something great together.

Make sure you come to the show…Sunday August 23rd, 2009 at the Gladstone Hotel. To find out more about the show, the  tab is located at the top left corner of this page.

alter ego v2


I currently went to two auditions a few days ago for the Much Music Video Awards, I have to say they were good, I wasn’t stressed out. Yes my stomach did things that a normal persons stomach would do, but I honestly left those auditions in peace. The dancers that were chosen were great dancers, and I’m truly happy for them, I danced at the MMVA’s last year for Flo-Rida, It was a great experience. The thrill that came from being on that stage was amazing. Every dancer should get that opportunity. And this year it wasn’t me, and its not a bad thing…congrats to all the dancers who danced for Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas, I know they did go..special congrats to my two Toya’s, …great dancers..Whoot Whoot.


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