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29 Jul


So I’ve found myself saying this many times within the last couple of months. “If your not going to give it your all don’t do it all”

Whenever I watch performances from some of my favorite singers, dancers, actors and actresses, that’s something I notice that they do, they give it there all, each performance gets better and better.

So on a dance side note, I tell myself and the dancers I work with, yes have fun, but if your not going to excel at it don’t do it, that may seem harsh, but its not, because all you need to do is make sure every time you dance you try your best…that’s all, just try your best, don’t settle for less, be the best at it….and continue to strive to be the best at it.

I know I’ve wrote about something similar to this topic, but I have to repeat it because the time calls for it..

Strive for excellence each time… attention to details…don’t settle for OK…and or just….be the best…why not be your best..:)


Toya’s Blog**Her recap of the Divalicious event

27 Jul

Hey Everyone:

So the Divalicious party took place Thursday that passed..The event was great, alot of girly treats.

I taught a Sweat B4 U Sweat Demo to the ladies “Getting them ready for the Caribana Weekend and also to show everyone what a great workout they could get from dancing to dancehall reggae and calypso. The ladies all had fun, got down, let there muscles burn, plus they learned the hottest dance moves.

I also performed a sexy routine choreographed by myself and DivaGirl Entertainment. Dancers were Myrosia Palmer, Ashley Brodeur and Tammy, the ladies did an amazing job.

Toya who I invited to the event broke down the night the best, so I want you all to go to her blog and look at the pictures..And our infamous silly face picture that we always take.

Thanks everyone for all the support. Toya Your great, thanks for making me laugh.

To find out more about Sweat B4 U Sweat just look for the Sweat B4 U Sweat tab at the top of this screen and make sure you attend the workshop July 30th, 2009.

Always be moving forward

27 Jul

I came across this and I like it. I found this on Bob Parsons personal blog.

He his the CEo and Founder of GO

Always be moving forward.
Never stop investing.  Never stop improving.  Never stop doing something new.  The moment you stop improving your organization, it starts to die.  Make it your goal to be better each and every day, in some small way.  Remember the Japanese concept of Kaizen.  Small daily improvements eventually result in huge advantages.

Why surround yourself with like minded people

24 Jul

So we all know or I hope we all know that it’s best to surround yourself with positive people, people who think like you and help you grow.

But more than knowing and doing this, I think we have to allow ourselves to learn from the positive people we have around us…watch how they communicate, how they conduct themselves and ask questions. If there is a time to be influenced by others then the perfect time is when your around like minded individuals who are leaders and who think creatively to change there lives and the lives of others. This could be through arts, or through a professional career choice.

Example many study Michael Jackson’s performance ability so that they are able to better themselves as performers and dancers, many people study the teachings of Dale Carnegie so that they could be better leaders, Many people travel long hours to take weekend dance workshops and conferences, to be able to learn from the top choreographers, and better there chances in the industry.

 When  you surround yourself with positivity and like minded people, study them and allow yourself to soak up valuable information that is beneficial to your personal and professional growth.

 Dance side tip: The next time you see a great dancer, just study them. Is it the technique that they have, is it there performance quality, is it a specific look they have, is it there personality, is it how they make the move look effortless, or is it there focus. Just pay attention, and let that help you be a become a better dancer, don’t try to be that person be who you are, but apply that persons focus, energy, dance execution etc to help better yourself as a dancer…

Don’t ask for what your not willing to give

22 Jul

When we ask for our dreams to be reality and when we ask for small favors to be done and or when we want others to acknowledge our talent and contributions we must be ready to give that back…not just be ready but we have to be able to do it without being asked to do it.

It doesn’t matter what it is you ask for it could be for a million dollars, for forgiveness, for that big dance break you need, for students to attend your class, for audience to watch your show…whatever it is, you must be willing to do the same..

You may not have a million to give right away, but could you give a $10, are you willing to forgive someone, are you willing to give someone that break they need and encouragement that they need, are you willing to attend someones class and learn what they teach, are you willing to watch someones show and support them….

Don’t ask for anything that your not willing to give yourself….be conscious…give to others what you want given to yourself…

When you catch yourself complaining about the unfairness of the industry ask yourself am I putting out what I’m asking for…am I doing what I want to be done to me…You will know the answer once you truthfully ask and answer.

Life tends to reward us for our actions..

Tell it to who needs to hear it

20 Jul

tell it

Recently something interesting happened..Nothing bad…but something that made me much aware..

Myself and a few others thanked someone for the help that he was giving to us…and he was appreciative of it, he said thank you, then he said something else….not in these exact words but he said..”Tell it to who really needs to know and hear it” I got him right away….it was like a light bulb went off in my head…

He meant no harm in what he said….

This is what he meant…

He really appreciates our thank yous and praises, however he his in a position where he needs, others to not just tell him…but to tell his boss, the managers because those are the people within the company in the long run, who will keep him, or let him go….those are the people who really need to hear it..

Think about it….. you know when you go to a restaurant or have those forms that they leave for you to fill out….they are asking for your feedback and they want to know which  staff if any made your visit a good one…and what exactly that staff did..

This applies to anything….take the extra mile tell others about your great experience with someone…if you seen a great show…tell someone…and tell someone who needs to hear it…tell the radio station…leave it on the blog site of a popular TV or social network…you know of a great dancer…tell the choreographers who are booking dancers…tell them about the dancer who is really good and a pleasure to work with..tell the agents and the casting directors….

Don’t keep good news to yourself….don’t just talk about good news to your friends….go to the source…. send managers and the leaders your thoughts, it lets them know whats going on…it also lets them know that your conscious of whats going on around you…it makes everyone feel good…

So the next time you meet someone who did something great…. talk about it to those who need to hear it…even if they don’t acknowledge it, that’s fine…..just make sure they hear you…and keep talking…


17 Jul

The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.
Speech, Mansion House, London, 24 Jan 1889

Once again, there is no question as to why I like this quote….Go ahead and try…..not wanting to make a mistake or fail will leave you with no results…..



Choreographing your Friends

15 Jul

When many choreographers start choreographing its very typical for them to work with friends and have there friends be the dancers that they call on for various shows. Working with friends could be great and enjoyable for both parties, and it could also be an unpleasant experience for many.

It could be enjoyable because you have a relationship with the other person, you could vibe off each others energy, your friends understand what it is you want to achieve and is willing to help you by giving you his or her time and talent to achieve this.

On the other hand, sometimes its hard for friends to take directions from someone they consider to be there peer, sometimes its hard for you to tell your friend that what they are doing is wrong and or you don’t appreciate the way they are acting….
Many friendships have gone sour, and many grow and are untouched in this type of situation.
What I’ve learned when working with friends is to be very clear on what is expected from them and yourself.
If you are the one leading and have a vision to put out, be very clear to everyone on the team what you would like to achieve, how you plan on achieving it, and how they will help you achieve it.
Be clear on what your expectations are professionally in terms of how you set up rehearsals, respect, and punctuality.
By doing this your setting the standard for yourself and everyone who is part of the team. If someone steps out of line you could reference your previous conversations regarding expectations and or professionalism.
Its your vision, and as much as you want to achieve it, you also do not want to sabotage yourself and or have others sabotage your work……you deserve to work with others who respect stand up for your vision and creativity…
No not every one  you work with will think your work is amazing, however you need to work with others who respect themselves and you enough to know that its never OK to think and believe that because they are your friend its OK to be unprofessional and or give you a hard time for carrying out your creative vision.


13 Jul

This is a different one, I never touched up on this topic before.

I love food, I’m the first to say, I enjoy eating, and will always enjoy it, I enjoy desserts, sometimes I dab into salty foods, and or have my favorite which is chicken wings.. overall I like to eat food that makes me feel good and is healthy.

Being that I’m on the go so much, I’ve come to realize the importance of eating and eating right. Especially if I have to exert allot of energy during rehearsals,  and performing back to shows.

I think its easy to get caught up, and before you know it, you miss breakfast, and lunch, and when you find yourself eating its something that is not your first choice.

When I find myself getting off track…I start travelling with snacks which help me out throughout the day. I go to the grocery store and stack up on fruits and veggies..and snacks that are easy to pack. I also notice that I feel better when I prepare and cook my own food.

Being dancers and choreographers on the go does not mean we have to constantly indulge in unhealthy food.

I’m not one to preach about food, and what we should and should not eat, I will more preach about a healthy lifestyle.

Not everyone likes to plan there meals, but its worth it.

You save money, your eating food that you want to eat and makes you feel good, your giving your body what it truly deserves, and your not starving your body throughout the day.

Putting aside at least one hour to plan out your meals and prep your food works….it also becomes a habit.

Being a dancer and or choreographer does not mean we have to live in Fast Food restaurants…

Lend your services

10 Jul

Yesterday I met up with another Dancer/Choreographer/Wonderful person.  Sophie Luxton….:)

We met to chat and she shared some valaubale tips and advice with me regarding dance, putting a show together. And  I was so thankful, and honored.

She didn’t have to, she wanted to help, and genuinely share her experiences with me.  From everything on rehearsal schedules, tech run, lighting, booking a videographer, what to look out for, what worked for her and what she would do differently next time.

She was giving me her time, we sat and chatted for about an hour, and she gave me priceless advice and tips.

And that’s great….

I thank her for that.

This is something that is priceless, when someone sits and opens up to you and willing wants to help you grow as a person and as a professional…that’s truly amazing….

And we should pay it forward, lend your expertise to someone the same way someone offered it to you…that way we grow, and we grow together.

Thanks Sophie…