3 Jul

Something happened, and I have to applaud the way that these two young and talented women handled the situation.

First situation.

Lady A had committed to perform, something came up and she was not able to, she knew that she had committed to performing, however she really couldn’t follow through, so what she did was let us know in advance what the situation was and she found a replacement, just in case she was not able to perform. We didn’t ask her to find a replacement she did that on her own, and the fact that she did that, shows her character, her professionalism, and that leaves a lasting good relationship.

Second Situation:

Lady B had committeded to perform, however another opportunity came up that seemed and was very promising.  She really wanted to do both performances, however we asked for commitment from all the dancers to be able to make all the rehearsal dates. Lady B, said she was not able to make one of the rehearsal due to the other performance she wanted to do. A day or so later she came back, and she apologized for wanting to step out of something that she committed to especially because we made it clear to all dancers that the rehearsals were mandatory and all dancers had to be able to make them.

That also shows character, it shows that she thought about what she was doing. And was brave to comeback and redo what she was thinking of doing.

Either way we are all adults, and we must make the decisions that are best for ourselves, not everyone will agree with the decisions we make, however it is important to know that your decisions will affect others.

Sometimes Dancers tend to jump in and out of performances that seem promising. Be conscious that when you commit to something you are expected to follow through. Its never OK, to leave a choreographer and your fellow dancers stranded. Yes life happens and that’s different, but its not OK,  to step out because of just reasons when others are counting on you, especially when you have committed.

I thank these ladies for stepping up to the plate and remaining Loyal, they will definitely get far.


2 Responses to “Loyalty”

  1. MsToya July 4, 2009 at 2:53 pm #

    This happens all too often….time and time again!!!

    • kayannward July 4, 2009 at 11:35 pm #

      Say it again girl…)

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