Facebook Update

10 Jul

On Wednesday I asked the question “How do you use facebook?”

I want to thank all of you, who answered the question.

So here is what I found : Many people know that facebook is a valuable tool, but do not use it for that, or do not know how to use it for the networking tool that it is.

It is  also a great social tool, to stay connected with friends and family, who you may not get the chance to talk to or see as much as you want, plus its better than a long distance phone bill.

I have to admit when I first joined facebook I was clueless…lol

No really, I joined because all the dancers I knew where on this thing called facebook.

So I joined..loaded pictures…and joined the groups, I even joined group that I had no interest in, etc etc..

Then a thought hit me a few days ago..I asked myself “why am I on facebook”

“Why do I have my name, and my picture, on facebook?”

“Am I wasting time on facebook or am I putting facebook to use?”

Those questions really stuck in my mind.

Truth is I wasn’t putting facebook to use for what it could be used for.

So I decided to change my focus…from being on facebook, just to be on facebook …to being on facebook with a purpose which is to connect with dancers, connect with like minded creative beings, to share ideas with others, connect with entrepreneurs…etc.

No I don’t want to waste another 30min or more just browsing facebook and looking at pictures, not that there is anything wrong with that, but right now I want to make the best of my time..

So with that said I’m planning on reading a few books on Social networking sites and how to put them to use  and make them work for you…to get a better understanding of how to utilize the new wave of today’s society…

I must say, I prefer and will always prefer face to face communication over constant messaging.

But there’s also nothing wrong with understanding the new wave.


2 Responses to “Facebook Update”

  1. Kristine Maitland July 10, 2009 at 12:57 pm #

    One of the things I did recently is remove myself from all the other social networking sites like myspace and linkin as I have rarely been able to expand from my own circles there – I am neither a musician nor a suit.

    Facebook is a interesting animal. The first time I was on it I hooked up with people I knew from high school etc., collecting “friends” like collectors cards. I soon discovered that I did not want to communicate with these people (and I expect that some would be happy not to communicate with me). So I deleted my account.

    Months later I reestablished my account but this time I was very careful about who I “befriended”. And I was more ruthless about who I said no to.

    My friends come from a variety of communities but what they have in common is that they DO things. They are activists, they are performers, they are artists, they are writers. They help me keep tabs on what is going on in the ‘hood and in the world at large.

    Plus I can get referrals from them which is handy.

    • kayannward July 10, 2009 at 3:36 pm #

      Hey Kristine: I’m now cleaning up my facebook material. Making sure its like minded people in my network..

      Thanks for your feedback

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