13 Jul

This is a different one, I never touched up on this topic before.

I love food, I’m the first to say, I enjoy eating, and will always enjoy it, I enjoy desserts, sometimes I dab into salty foods, and or have my favorite which is chicken wings.. overall I like to eat food that makes me feel good and is healthy.

Being that I’m on the go so much, I’ve come to realize the importance of eating and eating right. Especially if I have to exert allot of energy during rehearsals,  and performing back to shows.

I think its easy to get caught up, and before you know it, you miss breakfast, and lunch, and when you find yourself eating its something that is not your first choice.

When I find myself getting off track…I start travelling with snacks which help me out throughout the day. I go to the grocery store and stack up on fruits and veggies..and snacks that are easy to pack. I also notice that I feel better when I prepare and cook my own food.

Being dancers and choreographers on the go does not mean we have to constantly indulge in unhealthy food.

I’m not one to preach about food, and what we should and should not eat, I will more preach about a healthy lifestyle.

Not everyone likes to plan there meals, but its worth it.

You save money, your eating food that you want to eat and makes you feel good, your giving your body what it truly deserves, and your not starving your body throughout the day.

Putting aside at least one hour to plan out your meals and prep your food works….it also becomes a habit.

Being a dancer and or choreographer does not mean we have to live in Fast Food restaurants…


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