Choreographing your Friends

15 Jul

When many choreographers start choreographing its very typical for them to work with friends and have there friends be the dancers that they call on for various shows. Working with friends could be great and enjoyable for both parties, and it could also be an unpleasant experience for many.

It could be enjoyable because you have a relationship with the other person, you could vibe off each others energy, your friends understand what it is you want to achieve and is willing to help you by giving you his or her time and talent to achieve this.

On the other hand, sometimes its hard for friends to take directions from someone they consider to be there peer, sometimes its hard for you to tell your friend that what they are doing is wrong and or you don’t appreciate the way they are acting….
Many friendships have gone sour, and many grow and are untouched in this type of situation.
What I’ve learned when working with friends is to be very clear on what is expected from them and yourself.
If you are the one leading and have a vision to put out, be very clear to everyone on the team what you would like to achieve, how you plan on achieving it, and how they will help you achieve it.
Be clear on what your expectations are professionally in terms of how you set up rehearsals, respect, and punctuality.
By doing this your setting the standard for yourself and everyone who is part of the team. If someone steps out of line you could reference your previous conversations regarding expectations and or professionalism.
Its your vision, and as much as you want to achieve it, you also do not want to sabotage yourself and or have others sabotage your work……you deserve to work with others who respect stand up for your vision and creativity…
No not every one  you work with will think your work is amazing, however you need to work with others who respect themselves and you enough to know that its never OK to think and believe that because they are your friend its OK to be unprofessional and or give you a hard time for carrying out your creative vision.


2 Responses to “Choreographing your Friends”

  1. JanetLCastillo July 26, 2009 at 3:10 am #

    Well said Kay Ann.

    It’s crucial to lay the fundamental vision and plan from the top so everyone (friends or not) know EXACTLY where your coming from.

    Everyone will simply become a mirror of you.

    • kayannward July 26, 2009 at 5:44 pm #

      Thanks Janet, your statement is true, we have to lay the fundamental vision and plan from the top…
      Thanks for reading…we shall see each other soon.:::)

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