Tell it to who needs to hear it

20 Jul

tell it

Recently something interesting happened..Nothing bad…but something that made me much aware..

Myself and a few others thanked someone for the help that he was giving to us…and he was appreciative of it, he said thank you, then he said something else….not in these exact words but he said..”Tell it to who really needs to know and hear it” I got him right away….it was like a light bulb went off in my head…

He meant no harm in what he said….

This is what he meant…

He really appreciates our thank yous and praises, however he his in a position where he needs, others to not just tell him…but to tell his boss, the managers because those are the people within the company in the long run, who will keep him, or let him go….those are the people who really need to hear it..

Think about it….. you know when you go to a restaurant or have those forms that they leave for you to fill out….they are asking for your feedback and they want to know which  staff if any made your visit a good one…and what exactly that staff did..

This applies to anything….take the extra mile tell others about your great experience with someone…if you seen a great show…tell someone…and tell someone who needs to hear it…tell the radio station…leave it on the blog site of a popular TV or social network…you know of a great dancer…tell the choreographers who are booking dancers…tell them about the dancer who is really good and a pleasure to work with..tell the agents and the casting directors….

Don’t keep good news to yourself….don’t just talk about good news to your friends….go to the source…. send managers and the leaders your thoughts, it lets them know whats going on…it also lets them know that your conscious of whats going on around you…it makes everyone feel good…

So the next time you meet someone who did something great…. talk about it to those who need to hear it…even if they don’t acknowledge it, that’s fine…..just make sure they hear you…and keep talking…


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