Why surround yourself with like minded people

24 Jul

So we all know or I hope we all know that it’s best to surround yourself with positive people, people who think like you and help you grow.

But more than knowing and doing this, I think we have to allow ourselves to learn from the positive people we have around us…watch how they communicate, how they conduct themselves and ask questions. If there is a time to be influenced by others then the perfect time is when your around like minded individuals who are leaders and who think creatively to change there lives and the lives of others. This could be through arts, or through a professional career choice.

Example many study Michael Jackson’s performance ability so that they are able to better themselves as performers and dancers, many people study the teachings of Dale Carnegie so that they could be better leaders, Many people travel long hours to take weekend dance workshops and conferences, to be able to learn from the top choreographers, and better there chances in the industry.

 When  you surround yourself with positivity and like minded people, study them and allow yourself to soak up valuable information that is beneficial to your personal and professional growth.

 Dance side tip: The next time you see a great dancer, just study them. Is it the technique that they have, is it there performance quality, is it a specific look they have, is it there personality, is it how they make the move look effortless, or is it there focus. Just pay attention, and let that help you be a become a better dancer, don’t try to be that person be who you are, but apply that persons focus, energy, dance execution etc to help better yourself as a dancer…


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