29 Jul


So I’ve found myself saying this many times within the last couple of months. “If your not going to give it your all don’t do it all”

Whenever I watch performances from some of my favorite singers, dancers, actors and actresses, that’s something I notice that they do, they give it there all, each performance gets better and better.

So on a dance side note, I tell myself and the dancers I work with, yes have fun, but if your not going to excel at it don’t do it, that may seem harsh, but its not, because all you need to do is make sure every time you dance you try your best…that’s all, just try your best, don’t settle for less, be the best at it….and continue to strive to be the best at it.

I know I’ve wrote about something similar to this topic, but I have to repeat it because the time calls for it..

Strive for excellence each time…..pay attention to details…don’t settle for OK…and or just….be the best…why not be your best..:)


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