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A quick statement

31 Aug

I read something interesting a few days ago. The topic was on clutter that people carry around with them and the clutter they live in.

It was a very interesting read. What stood out to me was this simple phrase

The only things that we keep in our lives are the things that we are in harmony with.”
 Bob Proctor

I like this because if there is something negative in your life, then ask yourself “Am I in harmony with it, as to why its here in my life?”

This will make some people laugh but its true.

With dance, people and events I ask myself the same question am I in harmony with it.

If not then the person, the event or the dance related event has to go.


Love this Commercial

28 Aug

I love this commercial.

Not just because there is a dancer in it, but the message behind it.

I woke up, not knowing what I was going to write about, and then I remembered this commercial, I remembered, how I felt after I watched it, and I felt good, seeing the dancer move across the dance floor made me feel good, and I wanted to share this video, just in case you haven’t seen it. But like I said, its more than just the dancer, Its the message, plus both of these ladies are Bad Asses…I’m not playing:)

Tip from Tyra

26 Aug

I remember I was watching the Tyra Banks show, and she said something that caught my attention.

She said and not in these exact words. “When someone tells you no, you can’t do it, that’s OK don’t give up, if they won’t let you go through the front door, go around to the back door, don’t stop trying to get in, do what you need to do, to get in that door.”

She was referring to models, but I’ve applied that message to myself and everything that I do.

First off try to eliminate the word NO from your vocabulary, second, there’s always another way to get in the door, be creative and keep trying, just like what she said, do what you need to do to get in that door.

I mean don’t hurt yourself and others in the process, but when someone closes the door in your face, that’s fine because another will open, just don’t give up, make sure you get in that door.

Stay in the NOW

24 Aug

So yesterday Sunday August 23rd, 2009  was the the first Alter Ego show…it was great.

Three months of planning, rehearsing, finally came down…and then it all happened.

It went by quickly, but I was able to tell myself stay present, and enjoy the night.

Allot of times we have so much going on, that it happens so fast and its easy to miss and not enjoy the moment….its hard but try…Try to enjoy and appreciate what  happening now, its a great feeling and because your focusing on the now….your much more aware and conscious.

The Alter Ego is on Sunday

21 Aug

Wow I can’t believe the show is here. After months and months of preparation and rehearsing..its finally here, no turning back, just move forward and go..

I’m excited..

I know many of you want to know if I’m nervous and or if I’m ready for Sunday……well I’m ready, we’ve been rehearsing for three months…I’m not nervous, I want the night to go as smooth as possible…What I’m doing now is making sure that I prepare my mind for a great night…:)

See you all on Sunday The Gladstone Hotel. 1214 Queen Street West doors open at 8pm and show starts at 9pm..Today is the last day to purchase your advance tickets.

The Cast

alt 2


alt 1


19 Aug

I got this email delivered to my inbox, this morning…

It’s funny, because its almost like a follow up of Mondays post.

This came from Wes  Hopper

“The pessimist complains about the wind;
the optimist expects it to change;
the realist adjusts the sails.”
William Arthur Ward

You’ve heard me say many times that we
should always see the good, look for the
good and expect the good in everything.

And we should. But is that all?

I don’t think so! But some people have
gotten that impression from some of the
pop “create your reality” stuff going

You know, “I’ll just sit here and think good
thoughts and everything will turn out OK.”

Good luck with that. This is exactly where
a lot of otherwise well informed people
screw up – by failing to combine thought
with action!

But let’s say you’re holding your vision
and taking action and getting nowhere.
Should you expect the wind to change
or should you adjust the sails?

Persistence is good, but working harder
on something that is not working is not
good. This is where you gotta open up
to new ideas.

Your mind is very creative and the Universe
is full of good ideas. Look, seek, ask and
expect. Be willing to try something unusual,
something different, maybe something
scary. Borrow something from a totally
unrelated field.

Effective action adjusts the sails and
creates miracles!


Trying and Doing

17 Aug

OK…so I had a little revelation.

Someone said they are going to try there best and I said no I don’t want you to try your best I want you to do your best.

After thinking, I thought trying is great, and I’m not down playing the importance of trying to do your best, but then you could always say, at least I tried, and depending on what the situation is, I think you need to do your best, not try…get out there and do your best…

Then ask did I get out there and do my best the answer should be yes….

Trying sometimes seems like your not sure of what your doing so you will try…doing your best implies that you know what your doing and you will do it..

Don’t say I’m going to try and have a great performance say I’m going to have a great performance and I will have great performance, don’t say I’m going to try and win the game, say I will win the game, don’t say I’m going to try to remember the choreography, say I will remember the choreography, don’t say I will try to succeed, say I will succeed.

Like I said I’m not down playing Trying…I’m all for it…now push yourself and do your best…every time and all the time.:)

What are your thoughts?

Past Information is valuable information

14 Aug

A couple of days ago I revisited my library of books, not physically, but I back tracked and remembered the information I learned when I read certain books,  I did this because I needed to get pass and or try to get pass a leadership dilemma. And it worked.

I wasn’t sure what to do in a certain situation, so I didn’t do anything, I came home and thought about all the great information I got from the books I read on leadership, and positive thinking, etc…I thought and replayed different outcomes in my mind, until the right solution came about.

Then I went back to the situation at hand and dealt with it.

I brought this up because, sometimes, we forget important and valuable information that we have learned, so it never hurts to revisit pass information, so that you keep yourself tuned up or you come across information that you may have missed the first time around which may be of help in your life and or career.

Dance Side Tip: Many of us meet other dancers and teachers who share valuable information with us, try to remember what was passed on to you. Write it down, and go back to it every now and then. Ask yourself how could I apply this information to my life and or dance career at this particular time and or in the future, you will be surprised at how things fall into place.

Very Nice Quote “Check Yourself”

12 Aug
“Great people talk about ideas.
Average people talk about things.
Small people talk about other people.”
Author: Unknown
I love this quote, as straight forward and brutally honest as it is, its very true, in my eyes.
The first time I came across this quote  a couple of years ago, I thought wow, that’s kind of harsh….but after some growth and surrounding myself with different kinds of people, I thought, maybe this quote is not as harsh as I thought it was..
This quote makes you think, it makes you look at yourself and the people you surround yourself with. 
When I was in high school and sometimes now, I use to say these two words allot “Check Yourself” and that’s what  I think this quote does, it makes us check ourselves”
Dance Side Tip: If great people talk about ideas, well as a dancer talk about your career as a dancer, the dreams you have, ask others how you could achieve them, talk to others who have achieved them. Talking about other dancers unless its positive and helping you get closer to your dream may not be doing you any justice.  “Check Yourself”

Learned so much

10 Aug

I think allot of people in my network know that I’m having my first dance production coming up on August 23rd, 2009. I’m excited about it.

I’ve learned some valuable information that I will share when the show wraps up. But there’s one thing I have learned and is so important to any artists in the entertainment industry.

Here it is…You must be clear on your vision to the point that you could touch it, smell it and feel it, your senses come alive when you think about it. Reason being, of course you want a great show but you also have to put the show together and putting a show together comes with details that need your attention, the more clear you are with your vision the easier it is to make these details come alive.

So write down your vision, record yourself talking about the vision get items that bring the vision to life..Make it happen