The Mind

5 Aug

This great quote, came to my inbox this morning.

“The body is the servant of the mind. Disease and health, like circumstances, are rooted in thought”
James Allen

This quote basically tells us again why its so important to nuture our  mind with positivity.


Heres what else came with the quote.. From Wes Hopper.

Did you know that most of the illness in
the Western world is self inflicted?
A lot of publicity has been given to the
lifestyle related illnesses that abound
today – obesity, diabetes, heart disease,
many types of cancer, lung disease,
stress and so forth.

One thing that is rarely mentioned is that
people treat their bodies wrong because
of the way they think! You can’t change
lifestyles without changing thinking.

More bad thinking is belief in the
inevitability of disease. If we believe that
we’re going to catch what’s “going around”,
we usually will, especially if we feel that
it’s not something that we can control.

That’s using the Law of Attraction against
yourself! You are in control. You get to

You have an amazingly powerful immune
system that your mind controls. Put it to
work for you! Trust it.

Remember, people have gotten up and
walked away from every disease known,
including terminal cancer, after they
changed their thinking! Read the story
of Myrtle Fillmore on

Don’t avoid medical care when you need
it, but try this first: give your body what it
needs to support you. Thinking health will
lead to right choices for diet and lifestyle.

Thinking health will power up your immune
system and create health.

And when your friends are stressed out
by the latest swine flu story, just smile and
tell them that you’ve decided not to

It’s just one less thing to worry about.
So expect miracles!





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