Validate yourself

7 Aug

Sometimes I find that we wait for others to praise us..we wait to here the words your good or you did a good job. May I add there is nothing wrong with wanting and seeking approval, its necessary, and its also necessary to praise others and let them know that there work and talent is appreciated. But its just as important to praise yourself and validate yourself…

Tell yourself your good at what you do because you are, you wouldn’t be doing it if you were not good at it. (I hope) or wanting to be good and better at it. When you do a good job or have accomplished something be the first to praise yourself.

Don’t wait for others to give you what you need emotionally, yes its good to hear it from others, but like I said its just as good to praise yourself.

Dance side note: Don’t wait for another dancer or choreographer to tell you your good, yes it will be great for them to recognize your talent and hard work, but first and far most believe in yourself and praise your talent as a dancer and or choreographer…Validate your talent…and let the rest follow…


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