Learned so much

10 Aug

I think allot of people in my network know that I’m having my first dance production coming up on August 23rd, 2009. I’m excited about it.

I’ve learned some valuable information that I will share when the show wraps up. But there’s one thing I have learned and is so important to any artists in the entertainment industry.

Here it is…You must be clear on your vision to the point that you could touch it, smell it and feel it, your senses come alive when you think about it. Reason being, of course you want a great show but you also have to put the show together and putting a show together comes with details that need your attention, the more clear you are with your vision the easier it is to make these details come alive.

So write down your vision, record yourself talking about the vision get items that bring the vision to life..Make it happen


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