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Life of a Dancer

28 Sep
The life of a dancer could be quite an adventure. Sometimes your up, even higher than you thought possible, sometimes you’re down, and have absolutely no idea how you got there, if you could get up, and when you’re going to be able to get up. Sometimes you’re in the middle, with a feeling of not knowing what to do just waiting and or trying to figure it out.

It would help if we all admitted that we feel this way every now and then, bridge the cap of lost communication. It doesn’t have to be confusing, if we continue to do the same thing then we get the same results, let’s make a change, it’s not easy to change, but start, beautiful things happen when we move together…like a dance routine, when all the dancers do the same move it’s a beautiful picture….the same thing goes for life, when we move together and help each other not only is it a beautiful picture, great things happen.

If there is one thing, you wish you had information on that would have helped your dance career, and or would have helped you personally what would that information be? Even if you’re not a dancer, what do you wish you knew then that would have helped you now?

I’m kindly asking you guys to share your thoughts, you don’t have to get personal, but really share your thoughts….

I’ll go first to open to up the discussion:

I wish I knew that it’s ok not to be like everyone else. This may sound like a no brainer coming from me, however when I first started dancing, I felt that there was only one way to do everything, one way of looking, and if you didn’t do things that one way, then you were not a good dancer and or you were not someone to pay attention to.
This wasn’t said in loud words but actions speak out louder than words, this soon proved to drive me crazy creatively, professionally and personally, soon I realized regardless of how much I love to dance, I have to be myself even if it means going left when majority goes right, and or just saying no….that’s not what I’m about and or want to do.

Dancing is bigger than you and me…Dancing is not for me to say, yes this is how its done, and or this is what Hip-Hop is and what Hip-Hop is not…I’m a small picture or a small movement compared to the bigger picture of dance.
So I learned to accept the fact that not dancing to another persons beat is OK…I wish I knew this when I first started, but really it’s the journey that’s important, and so far I like the journey, its not always fruit loops but its good…
(I’m not saying to take a dance class and dance to another beat than the one the choreographer and or instructor is teaching you, I’m saying everyone’s path is different, be authentic and follow yours…)

So what did you wish you knew then that you know now?


Great Insight

24 Sep

I hope everyone is feeling good, and enjoying the change of season.

I’m feeling extra creative, I’ve decided to take things slow, and just get inspired, and its been working, I’ve come across some amazing dance videos on Bravo Fact and facebook. So my creative bug is feeling inspired to create, and get things moving.

A good friend of mine sent me this.

“Plan Carefully and you will have plenty. If you act too quickly, you will never have enough.” Proverbs 21:5

How great is this, this is a learning and very insightful stepping stone.

Dance Side Tip:  The rush to get the next dance job may seem like the best thing to do at that time, but there is nothing wrong with slowing down. Stop and plan, and if you don’t know, just take your time, its your career, so take your time to feel good about what you need to do. You want the best for yourself, and you want to enjoy your path so don’t rush be smart about your decisions.

The fittest survive

14 Sep

I’ve said before we should validate ourselves and not let the opinions of others grow in our minds and body.

We  are tested everyday, we are tested on our beliefs, our values, and we are tested with our endurance in life.

They say the fittest survive, because the fittest have to get there mind right, they have to prepare there minds to deal with people and situations that many would rather walk away from or prefer not to deal with.

So how do you prepare a fit mind.

Many of what I’m going to list, I’m pretty sure you have read and or have heard before.

1) Surround yourself with people who are positive, people who understand that the mind is an important part of growth and having a clean and strong thought process is vital

2) Opinions are just opinions, it’s not a fact, don’t let opinions guide your life

3) Invest in yourself, and rely on yourself….look to others for help and guidance, but know that you are your number one investment, so take care of yourself.

4) Your mind needs food, just like your body, and not just any food it needs healthy food, so watch what you think about, instead of spending hours thinking about how awful life is, spend that time, thinking about how great certain parts of your life is, think about people who have made it through challenges, read positive affirmations, look at pictures that make you feel good…You deprive your mind when you pollute it with thoughts that are unhealthy

5) Don’t be afraid to walk away from situations and or people who are absolutely no good for you….


Kanye West and Taylor Swift

14 Sep

So I watched the MTV Music awards last night. Well I kept my TV on that channel, and let it run as I continued doing what I was doing, and of course I caught what millions of people caught and what millions of people were upset and venting about. (I also have to add, I loved the MJ tribute, absolutely amazing.)

The Kanye West and Taylor Swift blow out. I’m not one to write about popular culture. Because thats just what it is, its popular culture, but like with many career choices when your in it for the love of it your very passionate about it, and Kanye West is one passionate man.

If you didn’t see what happened then You Tube MTV-Kanye West and Taylor Swift, you will get a chance to view it. I’m not posting it. It’s bad enough I’m writing about it.

My thoughts about the situation will remain to myself, but something came to my mind this morning after all the internet and blog postings re-capping what happened.

I wondered “How many people were thinking wow, Beyonce should have won, thats crazy, Beyonce did have a crazy video, she had a mock of her video on Saturday night live, she had millions of You Tube views, how did she not win”  But we live in a very politically correct world, and what Kanye did wasn’t politically correct, but I wonder if the shock is what he did, or just the fact that he  did it, and he did what people might have been thinking.

Second thought Taylor swift looked so adorable on stage and it was definitely a moment for her and one that she should be happy about. So then I thought “Wow this is another example of being confident with the work you put out and having a thick skin, because her skin was definitely tested last night”

Then I also thought and wondered “How many artist have won awards, and was shocked because they thought it should have gone to someone else, but because its show biz, they took the award and went on with it” But the lingering thought stayed in their mind, they thought “Wow, I know my work was good but this person or so and so really was amazing and is a much better fit for this award”

But its the entertainment industry its beautiful and it also has its unpleasant side and millions of people got a chance to see a situation that usually plays out behind close doors with the managers, VP’s of record companies and the artist play out live  in front of  viewers.

I have to say I appreciate Kanyes honesty, and I’m happy for Taylor, Beyonce gave Taylor her moment to shine again, and that was great.

The true question is not the blow out, but why the blow out  happened in the first place.

I’ve never touched on Pop Culture before, I don’t know if I will again, but I wanted to share my thoughts (Well just a bit of it)


New Season-New beginnings

7 Sep

Around this time of year, I always feel that it’s the beginning of a brand new year. Even though I know it’s just the season change, and there is still three months left until the year is finished.

I also think it’s due to the fact that when we are attending school, we are use to the year starting in September which is also when the semester starts. I’ve been out of school for a while now and this feeling stays with me every year.

I always feel the need to start planning my year, and going over goals when September starts.

For me, this is my new year, this is when I get my goals out of my head; this is when my creativity soars.

Another reason why I think this season makes me feel like starting new is because of how it is set up, the leaves fall away, the trees prepare for winter then spring back into summer, so I stay in tune with the seasons.

But that’s just me, make it work for you.

What ever your new year is, make it work for you, if you feel that you need to stop in the middle of the year, start over, and completely revamp your plan then do so.

What works for me, may not work for you and vice versa, but definitely get to know yourself and figure out what gets your creativity and your will power going.

Dance side Tip: It’s never too late to revamp your plans and your direction as a dancer, if your focus was dancing backup for various music artist, and now your heart is in theatre and or acting for movies, it’s never too late to stop, and re direct your focus. Be open to change, welcome the fact that within your career as a dancer you’re going to go through stages, you will evolve…welcome it.


4 Sep

For the 2009 Talent Defined I entered The Battle of the Ego dance that was choreographed for The Alter Ego.

Here is a review from the dance.

Kay-Ann Ward. Her “Battle of the Ego” was an elegant ebb and flow of power and challenge performed by Megan Evans and Ward herself. The choreography resembled a cock fight, filled as it was with animal imagery. What made this piece particularly surprising was Ward’s choice of music. Her backdrop was selections from Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute”, and the dichotomy between the danced conflict and classical music heightened the struggle.

Here is also reviews that came from those who attended The Alter Ego Show on August 23rd, 2009.

 Nena Kheman  “It was absolutely brilliant. I loved it.
I haven’t seen something like that.”

 Jennifer Cortez  “Amazing Show last night!!! STUNNING!!”

 Bokgabane  “That was realy hot I  like the style, flavour and passion, well done.
Next one I’ll be there,  i enjoyed it, don’t let it go away…..”

 Christina Kheman   “The Alter Ego was great. Music was good. The dancing, well, it was fantastic. I will be there again next year.”

 Omni Haley   “WoW the performance was sooo….UH…. ErOtIQUE 😛 PAssionate and DEEEEEP! WOW…. Sensually inspiring-sort of frightening too witht he idea of the Alter Ego’s seeming to have to be absolutely Perfect, no room for “out-of lineness” maybe even “creativity”? I Appreciated also the use of colours and the order in wich they came~ From all th same gold(egos) then into black and white…the shadows… then growing with a litte more variation with sexuality and for the finale of the rainbows~
Very intence~ Almost scandalous! wait… no almost about it…”

 Sarah “Bravo to you. Bravo!!! The show was great.”