The fittest survive

14 Sep

I’ve said before we should validate ourselves and not let the opinions of others grow in our minds and body.

We  are tested everyday, we are tested on our beliefs, our values, and we are tested with our endurance in life.

They say the fittest survive, because the fittest have to get there mind right, they have to prepare there minds to deal with people and situations that many would rather walk away from or prefer not to deal with.

So how do you prepare a fit mind.

Many of what I’m going to list, I’m pretty sure you have read and or have heard before.

1) Surround yourself with people who are positive, people who understand that the mind is an important part of growth and having a clean and strong thought process is vital

2) Opinions are just opinions, it’s not a fact, don’t let opinions guide your life

3) Invest in yourself, and rely on yourself….look to others for help and guidance, but know that you are your number one investment, so take care of yourself.

4) Your mind needs food, just like your body, and not just any food it needs healthy food, so watch what you think about, instead of spending hours thinking about how awful life is, spend that time, thinking about how great certain parts of your life is, think about people who have made it through challenges, read positive affirmations, look at pictures that make you feel good…You deprive your mind when you pollute it with thoughts that are unhealthy

5) Don’t be afraid to walk away from situations and or people who are absolutely no good for you….



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