Kanye West and Taylor Swift

14 Sep

So I watched the MTV Music awards last night. Well I kept my TV on that channel, and let it run as I continued doing what I was doing, and of course I caught what millions of people caught and what millions of people were upset and venting about. (I also have to add, I loved the MJ tribute, absolutely amazing.)

The Kanye West and Taylor Swift blow out. I’m not one to write about popular culture. Because thats just what it is, its popular culture, but like with many career choices when your in it for the love of it your very passionate about it, and Kanye West is one passionate man.

If you didn’t see what happened then You Tube MTV-Kanye West and Taylor Swift, you will get a chance to view it. I’m not posting it. It’s bad enough I’m writing about it.

My thoughts about the situation will remain to myself, but something came to my mind this morning after all the internet and blog postings re-capping what happened.

I wondered “How many people were thinking wow, Beyonce should have won, thats crazy, Beyonce did have a crazy video, she had a mock of her video on Saturday night live, she had millions of You Tube views, how did she not win”  But we live in a very politically correct world, and what Kanye did wasn’t politically correct, but I wonder if the shock is what he did, or just the fact that he  did it, and he did what people might have been thinking.

Second thought Taylor swift looked so adorable on stage and it was definitely a moment for her and one that she should be happy about. So then I thought “Wow this is another example of being confident with the work you put out and having a thick skin, because her skin was definitely tested last night”

Then I also thought and wondered “How many artist have won awards, and was shocked because they thought it should have gone to someone else, but because its show biz, they took the award and went on with it” But the lingering thought stayed in their mind, they thought “Wow, I know my work was good but this person or so and so really was amazing and is a much better fit for this award”

But its the entertainment industry its beautiful and it also has its unpleasant side and millions of people got a chance to see a situation that usually plays out behind close doors with the managers, VP’s of record companies and the artist play out live  in front of  viewers.

I have to say I appreciate Kanyes honesty, and I’m happy for Taylor, Beyonce gave Taylor her moment to shine again, and that was great.

The true question is not the blow out, but why the blow out  happened in the first place.

I’ve never touched on Pop Culture before, I don’t know if I will again, but I wanted to share my thoughts (Well just a bit of it)



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